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Warpath 11-17-2005 07:50 PM

VA Tech @ UVA -> Oak @ WAS
Anyone else going to the game? I just went to [url]www.betus.com[/url] to check the line and it looks like Tech is favored by 7 1/2. I honestly wonder if UVA can put up any of a fight at all, or if Tech walks all over them. I go with 5 Hokies the game is in Charlottesville, so I root for UVA. My dad actually took me to my first football game at UVA and thats probably the reason that I root for them. I am definitely not a "wear a tie and drink wine ni the parking" type of guy. I just hope its a good game.
Then on Sunday get to turn around and head to [COLOR=DarkRed]FEDEX[/COLOR] for the [B]real[/B] game this weekend. :headbange [COLOR=DarkOrange]GO[/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkRed]SKINS[/COLOR]!

skinsguy 11-17-2005 07:52 PM

Re: VA Tech @ UVA -> Oak @ WAS
Man...I am so envious! Must be nice to have money....LOL!!!

I get to go see VA Tech play UNC next weekend. Tickets for Tech-UVA are outrageous! We're your Redskins tickets cheaper?

TheMalcolmConnection 11-17-2005 07:54 PM

Re: VA Tech @ UVA -> Oak @ WAS
Tech has started a disturbing trend of turning it over often and early. If they do that against UVa, I doubt they could put away the Cavs at home.

Warpath 11-17-2005 07:59 PM

Re: VA Tech @ UVA -> Oak @ WAS
Actually my father in law works in Charlottesville and the Tech UVA tiks were 100% free. So the Skins tiks were just a bit of a higher price. If you can't read the sarcasm there, We bought season tickets this year, and yea they are expensive.

skinsguy 11-17-2005 08:32 PM

Re: VA Tech @ UVA -> Oak @ WAS
Yeah, season tickets for a Tech game is nearly impossible to get....I can only imagine for season tickets to the Redskins.

Warpath 11-17-2005 08:58 PM

Re: VA Tech @ UVA -> Oak @ WAS
Honestly I received a letter from the redskins saying that I could buy season tickets. The thing is, They offer you the tickets, but the only way you can get them is if you buy the tailgate club passes and pay a 1 time fee. Now the tailgate club is a little overpriced but its still cool to see and get to talk to the cheerleaders, eat at the all you can eat buffet, get autographs from X-skins, and then at the end they give away a few prizes. The fee is the killer. At least next year all I have to pay for are the tickets and the parking.

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