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PSUskinsfan11 04-22-2004 09:17 PM

Who wants to get fired up???
If your a redskins fan and are as much of a LaVar Arrington fanatic as me or a Sean Taylor advocate, you are going to want to go to Washington and kick this guys ass right after reading this article.


SKINSnCANES 04-22-2004 09:36 PM

hes right, Taylor and Lavar have never made a difference. We should cut Lavar and just resign Shueler and Howard... i read that article this morning, total bs

SmootSmack 04-22-2004 09:44 PM

I think the important question here is "Canes, what are you doing back already?!". Shouldn't you be out partying? Do they have Internet access at the bar you're currently at?

Love your posts, but I don't want to hear from you again until 4 am when you drunkenly type out some post like "I love Gibbs, he's my best friend....you wanna fight about it?" LOL

Daseal 04-22-2004 09:53 PM

I didn't type it, but I mentioned how I loved Spurrier on my birthday!

love them hogs 04-23-2004 12:30 AM

Does anybody here really think Lavar is selfish and stupid as this prick is suggesting?

I have lived in the D.C area my entire life PSUskinsfan11.I will find him and take care of this situation.ha...ha...ha

PSUskinsfan11 04-23-2004 01:43 AM

you are the man ....if he gives you shit i got you....i am celbrating for skinsandcanes!!! happy birthday playa

BleedBurgundy 04-23-2004 07:36 AM

That article is bullshit. Happy birthday from Italy SkinsandCanes!

Carnage 04-23-2004 10:23 AM

This is the Times' specialty, though they usually save this sort of half-truth attack journalism for politics.

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