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skins009 04-24-2004 10:11 AM

My Final Draft Analysis!
So as we are aproaching the final hours before the redskins pick I thought I would throw out my reasoning for our pick, to see what you guys think. To me our offense is more than ready to be explosive, control the clock and score points in high quantities. I think you can gauge the talent of our offense by comparing our offense to that of Kansas Citys. A team we could all agree had a great offense last year, and will be running a similiear system to us.
Offensive LIne- Both us and the chiefs have great o-line, between Samuels, Jansen, Thomas, and the improvement of Dockery along with head hog running the show, we are on par with the chiefs.

Running back- Cliton Portis Priest Holmes comprable backs

Quaterback Ramsey(brunnel) Trent Green Both teams will get production at the position
Tight End - ?????? Tony Galzanlize THey have one of the best tight ends we do not
WR Between Coles, gardener, Jabcobs, McCants we have one of the best Wr corps in the league. The chiefs are actually pretty week.

SO as you can see THe skins and Chiefs have about the same talent on Offense, with the exception that they have a great tight end and we have great recievers. Our offense is more than ready already to be very productive. If we get Windslow there will almost be to many weapons. Were gonna run the ball about half the time, and then we have to throw to coles, gardner, Jacobs, and Windlow, that to many people to keep happy.

We need defense in the worst way. Right now are d would no be able to do much at all. No pass rusher, no real run stuffer, no lock down corner anymore. WE desperatly need another playmaker, to help the d be respectibel. SEAN TAYLER is the answere. He will help the D impensly. HE 2 years he will be the leader of the D, not lavar. He plays with passion and lifts everybody else's game up. WE much select Sean Tayler.

SKINSnCANES 04-24-2004 10:51 AM

you could pick Winslow based on your reeasoning as well, to have that great tight end. I think we're going to win if we get Winslow or Taylor, I just hope we dont trade up for Gallery, and ive seen a few things on that this morning. I cant take this anymore, one hour left

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