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Gmanc711 12-23-2005 05:07 PM

2005 Sports Year In Review
On the radio show this morning we were debating/naming our personal top moments of 2005 in the World of sports and thought this would be a fun thread to bring up...

Personally, Brunell to Moss's 2nd TD was my number one, maybe of all time. It was all about you PERSONALLY so I didnt really feel wrong in picking that. Some other great moments we came up with....

Tigers Chip @ The Masters
Patrick Sparks 3pter in NCAA Tourney for Kentucky vs Mich St
Patrick Sorrentienes 3pter from half court for Vermont vs Syracuse (ncaa tourney)
Albert Puljos HR in game 5 of NLCS
Illinos 10 pt comeback in under a mintue NCAA Tournement vs Arizona
Larry Johnson TD for Cheifs over Raiders w/ :01 left
Eli Manning TD Pass for Giants vs Denver on 4th Down
Jack Nickalus leaving St Andrews

Those were just some, but what were yours Redskins or anything?

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