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I Did Get Season Tic's But Have A ?

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Old 06-12-2007, 12:54 PM   #16
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Re: I Did Get Season Tic's But Have A ?

Originally Posted by skinsfan_nn View Post
Well let me put it to you like this I've sat as high as 400 section row 15 and to me I would have rather been at home in front of the big screen, much better view, if I drive to DC I want to SEE the game. For your info there are plenty of season tics available, we have received countless calls from the business office to buy more and we know many friends that don't have season tics yet, that have been getting calls.

What don't you understand about sucked? If your happy up there so be it, I was giving my opinion!

We now have 100 section tics and they are GREAT! You get what you pay for.
My brother-in-law had upper level right on the 50 yard line and I loved those seats as you were looking down on the field and could really see the plays develop. But like I said those were 50 yard line and I was ticked he let them go and I could have taken his seats. I'm going to talk to them today and make a decision on what I'm going to do. I agree you get what you pay for but I will only attend a game or 2 and kind of worried about getting stuck with exspensive tickets.
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Re: I Did Get Season Tic's But Have A ?

Originally Posted by FRPLG View Post
Lots of people are happy to just be in the stadium considering how hard it is to get season tix.
Gotta agree with that...been a Skins for almost 30 years and I have still never been to a Skins home game...only away games.
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