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Barter - Autographed Skins Memorabilia for Pinball Machine

Redskins Gear

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Re: Barter - Autographed Skins Memorabilia for Pinball Machine

Originally Posted by coggs View Post
If it was a great deal on EBay, it probably is fake. I'd say 75% of the stuff on EBay is bogus. The COA really doesnt mean anything. You could make COA's from your own computer. What company issued the COA?
JT Sports Collectibles.
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Re: Barter - Autographed Skins Memorabilia for Pinball Machine

Originally Posted by Dirtbag59 View Post
I should be able to comment on what Art would and would not sign but personally the only thing I remember him signing at his camp was footballs, not that he would or would not sign jerseys but we all got footballs and thats the only thing I remember him being asked to sign by myself and other campers.

You would think he would be bothered a lot by kids, since virtually all of us there were Skin fans to some extent, but most of the time he just walked around the campus keeping to himself. Occasionally someone would go up to him (myself included) ask him to sign, say thank you, 'you're welcome,' then just walk away. I can say I don't remember seeing or hearing about him turning down an autograph request.

On a side note it would appear that the camp has now been given to Orakpo.
What year did you go to his camp? I went in the summers of '91 and '92 when it was at Western Maryland College, which is now called McDaniel. Actually my screen name comes from a stretch drill that we did at the start of all the practices (but the Z is regretful).
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