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Dear Coach Gibbs:

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Dear Coach Gibbs:

Originally Posted by hurrykaine
Oh, lest my post be misunderstood, hell yes, thank Gibbs for getting us back to the playoffs. Just making sure our veteran offensive players get their due for getting Gibbs to implement the smashmouth gameplan. Nobody would be lavishing Gibbs with praise if we lost today's game.

Nobody would? HUH? Did you forget how miserable things have been since he retired? If we lost today I would have still taken Mr. Gibbs out to a porterhouse at Ruth's Chris. Nobody, huh who scouted Cooley, believed in Sellers, knew Moss was a guarantee, and finally rescusitated Brunell.

oh and P.S. Portis for Bailey, need I say more?

Just win Baby!
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Re: Dear Coach Gibbs:

when i first heard you had come back i thought someone was pulling a very cruel joke, then when i found out it was true i was soo happy. i went right out and bought 5 gallons of kool aid and started planning for the playoffs in the first year. after a couple of games the kool aid wore off and i saw how far this franchise had sunk and how much work you had to do.time was the one element you needed to work your stuff and the one thing i hoped would be short.but the wait has been worth it. though the building is still in progress it is beautiful to watch.when a job is done right by someone who knows, it takes time.there have been times that i have grown impatient but i never gave up.if it were possible i would suggest for you a 2nd place of honor in the h.o.f. you are doing something no one has ever had the guts to do.and you are doing it.if anyone doubted your place in the hall, their mouths have been shut.thank you mr gibbs,unfortunatley words are all i can give you now.but non the less thank you for your vision, determintaion, your heart, your charachter and your love of a franchise and fans that would cause you to step out and risk it all to return it to it's place of honor among the league.thanks again mr gibss., i wish i could work with you, there's alot i could learn from you.you re deserving of much honor and respect.
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