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Extremeskins vs Lenny Pasta

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Extremeskins vs Lenny Pasta

Originally Posted by FRPLG
One of my biggest problems with Lenny is that he positions himself as two different types of journalists. One has an opinion and states it regularly. This makes him a columnist. We usually have issues with his opinions but that's all they are; opinions. The other guy positions himself as an insider. He breaks stories with regularity and actually does a real good job on this front. His work as an insider is very good and should be commended. Problem is when you are an insider it is hard for readers to seperate your opinion from your insider info. I think you can effectively be one or the other but I think to be both you have to be very good and he doesn't pull it off that well.
Reps to you for the observation .. Lenny is being paid for his opinion as a columnist ... and for his inside information ... YOU ARE CORRECT he does do both very well ..
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Re: Extremeskins vs Lenny Pasta

Originally Posted by hurrykaine
Saying the run-first is a basic philosophy behind the Gibbs offense is in no way meant to discredit the strategy. Its just that there's nothing innovative about it a la the schemes of Greg Williams. Lest this be misunderstood, my original post is not a "why do we need Gibbs" post - that would be a Pastabelly type statement to make. My opinion is simply that Gibbs' has brought more to the redskins by way of his genius and expertise on the team building and team management front than on the innovative playcalling front.

Okay I can agree with that. It seemed like it was one of those "Gibbs isn't really a coach" type of statement...so yes I did misunderstand what you were saying. I will say, though, I believe once we obtain a strong compliment to Santana Moss next year (whether if it's Patten or somebody we pick up,) I believe we'll see the offensive genius that we saw back in the 80's. While the concept might seem less than innovative - the ability to run these "basic" principle plays at will, will seem innovative in itself.
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Re: Extremeskins vs Lenny Pasta

I have to say I really enjoyed this.

What surprised me is how serious Lenny takes himself. Why is he so sensitive?
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