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First Seattle Game

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Thank You, Sean.
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First Seattle Game

I just went back and watched the first Seattle game, and heres some things I noticed, and it will be interesting to see how things work out next weekend...

First Quarter...

Seattle 3 Washington 0

Our offense kind of sputtered. Portis ran well to the outside, and Brunell was ok throwing the ball. Betts had a couple poor runs, and for one of the few times this season that I remember, Portis did a bad job blocking. Brunell was pressured alot.

Defensivley, they scored a feild goal on us. Hasslebeck went right after Carlos Rogers who was giving a huge cushion to his man. The run defense absolutley shut down Shaun Alexander.

Second Quarter...

Washington 7 Seattle 3

Offensivley, we really didnt run the ball as well in this game as I thought we did. Portis really struggled, but was able to get a few counters to go for a bit of yardage. Comeback routes were there for us ALL DAY LONG. Brunell did a great job spreading the ball around, catches by Moss, Cooley, Thrash, and a TD to Robert Royal. Seattle, to their credit got some nice pressure on Brunell but Brunell did a great job making it work and getting the ball all over the place.

Defensivley, we shut down Shaun Alexander once again. Got some nice pressure on Hasslebeck and but to his credit, he did a great job converting some thrid downs. Still translated into 0 points, though.

Third Quarter....

Washington 17 Seattle 10

Offensivley, Portis/Betts ran the counter for FUN. It had to have an average of 6/7 yards throughout the quarter. Passing the ball, our protection was good but not great. Brunell defintley felt pressure, but he did a great job dumping the ball off. The one thing you'll notice about our offense during this game is that EVERYONE is involved. I think that will be key this weekend.

Defensivley, Alexander busted one run for a long gain which set up the Seattle TD. Bobby Ingram might have had his best day as a pro against us, because he absolutley tore us up. Dexter Jackson had a couple nice plays, but Springs did a good job on him for the most part. Carlos Rogers was really attacked in this game, somthing I dont see happening this weekend.

Fourth Quarter...

Washington 17 Seattle 17

Offensivley, Betts was a great change of pace back. Ran very well using the counter. Again, our pass game wasent spectacular, but we spread it around enough and just kept going and going and getting first downs.

Defensivley, Seattle had two drives. One they were stuffed the second they scored on. Alexander broke another big run, pretty much the only success he had all day were on the two long runs. Hasslebeck passed all over us, especially the Rogers/Harris connection. On the TD pass, they had us beat before the play started strictly on alignment. Again, the missed feild goal by Seattle w/ :01 left was incredible .


Washington 20 Seattle 17

Offensivley, we ran the ball terrible in OT, for basically nothing other than a nice Brunell scramble. Passing, the comeback route was open all day. Santana Moss had Andre Dyson scared of getting beat deep, and it cost them in the long run.

Defense was not played in OT.

Overall, it really wasent as good of a game for the Redskins as I thought it was thinking back to it. Seattle really moved the ball on us through the air, picking perticularly on Rogers and Harris. However, I'm confident that with Rogers making the progress he has, that should be fixed. Alexander I will expect to have a better game this weekend then he did in week 4. He really didnt have bad numbers, but they all came on two big runs. I think he'l lhave a better overall game, but if we can hold him like we did Caddilac last weekend, I really like our chances. Offesnivley, we need to run to the outside and keep pounding it out there. It started off slow, but really opened up as the game went on and as passes were completed. Mark Brunell was very key to that win in week 4 and will have to spread the ball around like he did back then. EVERYONE was catching balls, and was involved. I think a gameplan like that, where Seattle doesent know who is getting the ball is one of our main goals. Homefeild also didnt hurt us. I'd expect another close game, but Seattle is a very beatable team, not a traditional #1 seed in my eyes and I think we can be up to the task. On the flip side, Seattle is still no slouch and if we dont come out with a better offense and equal intensity on defense, we will get beat.

That was long.
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Re: First Seattle Game

I was at the game and haven't watched it on t.v but here goes:

Seattle basically did a good job of shutting down the run except for our first drive which resulted in a blocked field goal ( I think)

Our offensive success was driven by crisp Brunell passes out of the shotgun (often on 3rd and long) to Moss, Patten, and Thrash, who were driving up field and then coming back for the ball as stated above. My point is that Brunell was puttin heat on the ball and it will be interesting to see if he can do that on his gimpy knee. To me, it looks like he's afraid to let it go the last two weeks. Maybe they're sandbagging.

Defensively it was a typical Greg Williams performance. The Hawks were successful getting recievers isolated in key situationsin the second half. They run the same offense as Tampa (or vice versa) but they have a much better ground game and a vet qb. Hasselback is a model of efficency and makes very few bad decisions which is what Holmgren wants. His blood pressure must be much lower than in his Green Bay days when Favre was ad libbing all over.

The Redskins need to get Hasselback in 3rd and long and then watch out for the screen. These west coast guys love the screen. Look for the D-line to chalk up a few more tips this week as well.

In terms of the venue I've never thought that Seattle was that scary. Is thier new stadium open or a dome? Both maybe. They just don't inspire fear. They are glorified Canadians.
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Re: First Seattle Game

Originally Posted by 70Chip
In terms of the venue I've never thought that Seattle was that scary. Is thier new stadium open or a dome? Both maybe. They just don't inspire fear. They are glorified Canadians.
Funny, on the fantasy football forum I hang out on, one of the bigtime Seattle homers keeps repeating this thing about "Flying 3000 miles to play in one of the toughest stadiums in all of football" and I just keep laughing at him.

Their record at home speaks for itself, but so to does the fact that 4 of the teams they beat at home are sorry teams with a losing record (Arizona, Houston, St. Louis, San Fran) and one wasn't exactly playing to win (Indy).

All three of the other home wins (Atlanta, Dallas, and the Giants) were won by 3 points.

So yeah, I'm not terribly frightened of playing there.
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Re: First Seattle Game

great breakdown of the game gman,off has to show up this week,they say def wins championships,were going to need them this week
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