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Anyone else nervous?

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Anyone else nervous?

Originally Posted by irish
I am 99.9% certain Aikman is a color commentator for the game he is doing not an NFL beat reporter for Fox.
I know he's a color commentator, but he was giving his opinion on the all the teams in the playoff's when he said it.
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Re: Anyone else nervous?

Kornheiser did his little diddy in the post today and pretty much said Seattle is not a very good playoff team. In case yer feeling nervous you should read his blurb. Honestly, I don't feel too nervous about this game. I was more nervous about the Tampa game than the Seahawks. I think the Skins can beat em.

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Re: Anyone else nervous?

Originally Posted by hesscl34
Bucs keep crying on their message board about the poor officiating, and that's why the Redskins won. All I have to say to that is: What comes around goes around!!

Seattle, here we come!

Can't say that I feel too sorry for them.
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Re: Anyone else nervous?

I was waiting to go to work today.....there are so many haters, it is ridiculous...at my job there are a plethera (sp check) of fans for a variety of NFL teams, you have your Cowboys fans, Giants fans, Philly, New England, Baltimore, even some bandwagon Indy fans.....but one thing they all agree on is that they hate THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS...me being the loud, boisterous and representin' type of 'Skins fan that I am ...these bastards are almost waiting at my cubicle licking their chops at just how much they intend on bashing my beloved SKINS from one week to the next...it all started when we were 5-6 by week 11, the HATERS began to say "Seasons done for your SKINS", one (RAVENS) fan even took it as far to say that we would be lucky to end the season with the same record as Baltimore...can you believe that shit? I was truly offended by that comment...anywho they continued every week with a but you beat (enter next opponent's name here)...there was just no way to get respect from these assholes...I continuously remind them of the FACTS, as stated below....

Rams game.....SKINS WIN
Cardinals game....SKINS WIN
Dallas game....SKINS WIN
Giants game....SKINS WIN
Eagles game....SKINS WIN

Playoffs-ROUND 1-SKINS WIN...

Of course, the latest as of today is that we wont beat Seattle....

I share this information with you, fellow SKINS fans to say this...we will NEVER get the recognition we both earned and deserve from these SOBs...I had to explain the difference today between myself and them...that difference is that no matter the outcome of the game Sat. ( I hope we WIN, of course! I AM PROUD OF MY TEAM...and as a LOYAL SKINS FAN WOULD DO...I will love 'em and rep. them to the fullest forever and ever and ever.....

One co-worker gave this analysis of me today...

If there were no other jobs on planet EARTH and the only way you could work would be to say that the REDSKINS SUCK... (Courtnee-GOV'T name) would not have a job.

If (Courtnee) was stranded on the NORTH POLE and all she had to do was say the REDSKINS SUCK to get a ride home, she would most definitely be walking.

I bleed BURGUNDY and GOLD and I tell those bitches at work everyday, NOTHING, I mean absolutely NOTHING is going to change that....WIN or LOSE!!!

With that being said....Roasted Seahawk for Sunday dinner sounds real nice right now....GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SKIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNSSS!!!
LOYALTY is being Redskins fans!!
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