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Tampa/Seattle Questions for Tony McGee

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Old 01-09-2006, 12:40 PM   #1
Uncle Phil
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Tampa/Seattle Questions for Tony McGee

Post your questions for Tony McGee here...thanks again to Gmanc711 for taking over this assignment while I'm away
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Re: Tampa/Seattle Questions for Tony McGee


Are you surprised that Gibbs elected to play to protect the lead against the Bucs rather than to attack? I give the Bucs defense alot of credit, but we were able to play a pretty good offense game against them in the first meeting - does this offensive showing expose us in any way to Seattle or is Gibbs playing possum to lure the Seattle defense into a false sense of security?
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Re: Tampa/Seattle Questions for Tony McGee

My boy taylor did a lot of positive stuff in the game but did spit on the pittman. It seems as there will be no action in terms of suspension by the league. Do you think the team should step in and punish him or would that punish the team more than it would him?
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Re: Tampa/Seattle Questions for Tony McGee


Personally I'm not worried about the offense, but what about that defense? Do you see the Skins defense being as dominant as the Raven's Super Bowl team? Maybe not in the beginning of the year, but at the end when most teams pack it in, they have only gotten stronger? Do you see the Skins riding the D to the Super Bowl?

BigSKINBauer, innocent until proven guilty baby. Only Taylor, Pittman and the ref know what happened that play.
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The Starter
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Re: Tampa/Seattle Questions for Tony McGee

Thanks for taking the time!

What do we look for Offensively from the DaHaux?

What do we look for from our beloved B&G's unwrapped Offense?
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Re: Tampa/Seattle Questions for Tony McGee

Hey Tony,

Do you think Shawn Alexander will be able to run on our front seven like the analysts think, or will the defense once again step up to the occasion and take the opponents running back out of the picture?

Also how will the presence of a healthy Shawn Spring effect the out come of this match up?
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Re: Tampa/Seattle Questions for Tony McGee

Tony, most of the so called experts out there and giving the Skins no shot in this game. In your opinion do the Skins have a realistic shot of pulling the upset?
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Re: Tampa/Seattle Questions for Tony McGee


The defensive line is playing great and receiving alot of positive notices around the league. How do you think the current D-line compares with the '82 group of Dexter Manley, Darryl Grant, Dave Butz, Perry Brooks,Matt Mendenhall and yourself?

Thanks for your time!
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Re: Tampa/Seattle Questions for Tony McGee


On the postgame show, Brian Mitchell said that Gibbs never has back to back poor offensive performances. With that in mind, do you expect the Redskins to come out firing on all cylinders in Seattle? How does Gibbs handle these types of games (when we play so poorly on offense)? Will he have any wrinkles or trick plays to ignite the offense come Saturday?

Thanks Tony!
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Re: Tampa/Seattle Questions for Tony McGee


Who are we to question Gibb's methods, but I worry about a conservative approach on offense if we get up by 14 on the Seahawks, they have the ability to come back and kill the Skins. Do you think the Skins have to remain aggressive for the whole game this week? I certainly do.
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