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Old 01-09-2006, 02:03 PM   #1
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Scouts Inc. Chat

According to this guy the Skins might as well not even bother making the trip.

Matt Williamson: (1:29 PM ET ) Matt Williamson here. Seattle 27, Washington 10. Let's roll!

Marshall Reff: Can the Redskins take advantage of the Seahawk's weakened secondary enough to pull an upset?

Matt Williamson: (1:30 PM ET ) No. Seattle's secondary should also be healthier than it has been in weeks.

Brian(Alex, VA): Why is no one giving the Redskins a shot at this game? If they shutdown the seahawks O and get anything out of there O they cant lose.

Matt Williamson: (1:30 PM ET ) Washington is banged up, fatigued and simply the inferior team on a cross-country road trip.

Josh (Philly): We all know that the Seahawks D isnt the same as the Bucs D, but do you feel like the Skins are going to be able to do anything on offense??

Matt Williamson: (1:31 PM ET ) Seattle's D is not in TBay's class and Washington will move the football leaning on Portis and Moss once again.

JW (Boston): Does Washington (or anyone) have the D to shut down the Seattle O line and Shaun Alexander? My guess is no, maybe Carolina/Chicago or NE?

Matt Williamson: (1:33 PM ET ) Washington's front seven is playing extremely well and they won't just roll over. Seattle's OL & Alexander are going to produce against everyone they play though, including Chicago and Carolina.

Justin (Brick NJ): Redskins have only been blown out of 1 game all year (against the Giants). Why do you see such a one sided game?

Matt Williamson: (1:35 PM ET ) I think Washington will finally hit the wall this week after playing pretty much playoff games for the last month and a half. Joe Gibbs is an outstanding coach, but they are just overmatched in a brutal environment to play.

Drew (Washington, DC): Wow, Matt. Not much to talk about here, huh. You've pretty much covered it - Washington has no chance. Just out of curiosity, how many times have you picked against the 'Skins in the last 6 weeks?

Matt Williamson: (1:36 PM ET ) I picked them over T Bay last week. You shouldn't have missed that chat.

Matthew (Mercer Island, WA): Can Seattle put pressure on Brunell with it's front four? How much of a factor will Brunell's legs be?

Matt Williamson: (1:37 PM ET ) The Hawks will struggle against Washington's OTs, but will get consistent pressure from the interior. Brunell is gutsy and tough, but his knee looks to really be bothering him and his accuracy with a sore plant knee has been an issue.

Matt (Washington, DC): Don't you think Seattle might be overrated because of the weak schedule they played in the regular season?

Matt Williamson: (1:39 PM ET ) Just a bit, but they run the football extremely well, are well coached, have a balanced O, a solid D that can get after the QB and a distinct home field advantage against a tired football team.

Jon, Dallas, TX: Matt, Are either of these two teams good enough to make it to the Super Bowl? Why or why not?

Matt Williamson: (1:40 PM ET ) Seattle is the best team in the NFC and playing at home is a huge advantage for them. The NFC Championship will be a close battle between Seattle and Carolina with the Hawks going to the big dance.

Mike Holmgren (Seattle, WA): Even I can't screw this one up...or can I?

Matt Williamson: (1:40 PM ET ) Mike,
I think you are in great shape for this game and you have done a tremendous job this season. Keep up the good work and good luck.

Johnson (Arlington, VA): I'm glad to see that you picked the Skins for TBay. Don't you think that the Skins can shut down the O and put up enough points to win? They are an adapting team. They have scored 52 points on SF and 36 on TB. 35 on NYG and Philly. So even though people say we are inferior, we still put up big numbers and adapt to the team that we are playing...

Matt Williamson: (1:42 PM ET ) The Skins do adapt well and much of that credit has to go to Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs. The Skins will always play hard, but I just don't see them pulling this game off.

Eric (Seattle): Who do you think will be the MVP of this game? I have to imagine if the 'Skins put 7 in the box to stop Shaun, Hasselbeck will have a big day, and vice versa...

Matt Williamson: (1:44 PM ET ) Alexander is the MVP of this game when it is all said and done. Seattle gets the lead and then feeds their horse RB. Side note: Don't be surprised to see some 3 WR, 1 TE, and Alexander sets to force Washington to dig deep into their depleted secondary.

Matt (Washington, DC): I know the 'Skins are underdogs, but what do you think would have to happen in order for them to win?

Matt Williamson: (1:45 PM ET ) They have to win the turnover battle for sure to be competitive and Portis needs to have a huge game and control the clock. Santana Moss is capable of blowing up and changing any game he plays in.

James (Seattle): Is Washington going to be able to deal with our crowd noise?

Matt Williamson: (1:46 PM ET ) It is going to be very loud and many fans don't realize how hard of a place Seattle is to play. It will be an issue, but Brunell and company are a veteran group that should handle it well.

Todd (NYC): Ok Mr. Expert. Please tell me in what way the Redskins defense is depleted. You do know that literally everyone on the roster is going to play, right? And everyone is perfectly healthy save for Springs, who sat out the Bucs game so he would be in great shape for Seattle.

Matt Williamson: (1:48 PM ET ) If Springs doesn't play, their CB depth is a problem. Wynn broke his arm and the Skins' DL depth will be a problem against an elite OL and running game. I think the Redskins are more fatigued than injured and this cross country road trip will expose that fact.

Chris (Maryland): Love him or hate him, Sean Taylor will be the MVP of this game. Skins will do everything in their power to keep Alexander from beating them -- 8 or 9 in the box all day -- leaving Taylor to roam the secondary. If he comes up with the big plays, Skins will win a tight, low scoring afair.

Matt Williamson: (1:50 PM ET ) Despite the saliva issues, I am a huge fan of Sean Taylor's and he is capable of changing any game he plays in. Washington will need to bring extra defenders into the box to limit Alexander, but Taylor will rarely roam free with all of Seattle's weapons to deal with.

Tony (DC): Yes Alexander is the MVP, but please answer this question. What is so impressive about Seattle and who have they shown it against?

Matt Williamson: (1:53 PM ET ) Seattle doesn't make their schedule or choose who they play. Their division is awful and they have not won a ton of impressive games, but this is what is so impressive
Walter Jones is the best offensive lineman in the game
Their OL in general is outstanding
Alexander is a stud as noted
The defense is solid, although a shade overrated
Home field advantage
Fresh Legs
Good coaching

adam (DC): As I say, a lot of optimism here in DC. You still haven't answered whether the Skin's offense will move the ball and score w/o a healthy Brunnell.

Matt Williamson: (1:54 PM ET ) They will move the ball, especially with Portis. Scoring points might be more difficult. Great year for the Skins.

Brian (DC): I am not a skins fan, but listening to this defensiveness, it sounds like I'm dealing with the Patriots chat again. Simply put, top to bottom the Redskins will be the second best team on the field this weekend. That doesn't mean that they'll lose, but the Skins offense is bad. I'm with you Matt, although I say it'll be more of a 21-13 game.

Matt Williamson: (1:55 PM ET ) You might be the only guy in this chat that agrees with me. Good to have you on board Brian!

blunt (DC): What weapons does Seattle have? Matt, is talking crazy

Matt Williamson: (1:56 PM ET ) Seattle has 4 very solid recieving options and J Stevens is quickly becoming a difference maker that will abuse Ryan Clark.

Eric (Seattle): Gosh. These DC fans are really taking your well-researched, expert and professional prediction of the game personally. Aren't they?

Matt Williamson: (1:58 PM ET ) Sure are, but that is what makes is great. Some of the best fans in the country and they bring up some good points. But their Skins are overmatched in this one.

Krikor (DC): Matt, do you think Brunnell is 100%? He does not look like it. I am real worried he is going to have another poor performance. What do you think?

Matt Williamson: (2:00 PM ET ) He doesn't look 100% to me. He has lost mobility due to his age and his arm isn't what it used to be, but that sore knee on his plant leg is killing his mobility and flexibility.

mattyk72, NY: Hey Matt, see you next week for the Skins NFC Championship Game chat!

Matt Williamson: (2:00 PM ET ) We shall see Brother

Matt Williamson: (2:01 PM ET ) Catch you all next week as Seattle hosts another playoff game. Take care.
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Old 01-09-2006, 02:09 PM   #2
Thank You, Sean.
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Re: Scouts Inc. Chat

What a jackass, I dont mind if people defend Seattle, or think they will win, cause I defintley understand those arguments. I just have a problem when they come across like this clown.
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Old 01-09-2006, 02:17 PM   #3
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Re: Scouts Inc. Chat

Well don't you see the pattern? If we somehow eke out a win against Seattle, everyone will give us no chance against Chicago/Carolina because we will be too fatigued after the Seattle game to pull out our eighth win in a row especially on the road.

I don't like our chances of going all the way, but I sure hope we do - what a sweet f@ck you it would be to all these brilliant analysts! We could very well be the team of destiny this year.
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Old 01-09-2006, 02:18 PM   #4
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Re: Scouts Inc. Chat

Yeah I wish someone would have asked him "If the Bucs had won, would you give them a chance to win this game?" I guarantee he would have given them SOME sort of shot.
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Re: Scouts Inc. Chat

At least he gave us this:
Matt Williamson: (1:42 PM ET ) The Skins do adapt well and much of that credit has to go to Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs.
That's more than Pastabelly!
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Old 01-09-2006, 02:29 PM   #6
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Re: Scouts Inc. Chat

mattyk72 Nice post!!!!!! I was reading the chat on ESPN.com and died laughing when it saw it.
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Re: Scouts Inc. Chat

Everyone has an opinion. At least this guy just says it and goes with it. He is a scout guy so his opinion does has some validity but he seems to be making more of an emotional argument. He says we are going to hit a wall. Why? I agree we could but I think maybe Seattle could be rusty as likely. So maybe maybe maybe maybe....
He says they'll have difficulty applying pressure and won't nearly stop the run like TB. Oh and our front 7 are playing great. So despite all that it will be an easy win? Those thoughts don't jive. Maybe he was just trying to be nice about us and he thinks we stink.
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Re: Scouts Inc. Chat

What a bitch! somebody forward this to Ryan Clark!
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I like big (_|_)s.
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Re: Scouts Inc. Chat

I gotta' say, at least he's not a dick about his opinion.
Regret nothing. At one time it was exactly what you wanted.
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Re: Scouts Inc. Chat

it's GOOD to be the DOG! After we win, we can go piss on his leg!
Goodbye Sean..........Vaya Con Dios
thankyou Joe.......
“God made certain people to play football. He was one of them.” – Joe Gibbs
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No new threads for you
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Re: Scouts Inc. Chat

Hit a wall please Joe Gibbs teams run thru walls and ask for more.
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Re: Scouts Inc. Chat

He's wrong because it's our destiny (our karma) to win this year. If last week's game didn't convince you of that, I don't know what would. We lost ST for a good portion of the game, a crucial punt was shanked, Bucs had good field position almost the entire game, fumbles bounced our way, a last-minute sure TD was mishandled by the Bucs, Wynn breaks his arm, offense is on life-support. . .

I could go on and on, but you get the point. Any 1 or 2 of these things should have been enough to turn the tide against us, but it didn't happen. Why? Because, as in 1983, it's our destiny to win this year.

Know why the pundits aren't picking us? They don't, they can't believe in destiny. They make their living analyzing stats.

They'll be eating their words on Sunday!
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Old 01-09-2006, 04:00 PM   #13
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Re: Scouts Inc. Chat

It takes two to make an argument. Sports debates are part of the joy of the game. Fans don't go on the field, but they do play defense between games. Applies to Seahawks, too.
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Re: Scouts Inc. Chat

Nice parting shot by MattyK. I didn't since a great deal of insight there. The Redskins will be able to 'move the ball but points could be more difficult'. That seems to imply that the Seahawks will stiffen in the red zone which would go against the Redskins pattern as of late. They've scored touchdowns on almost every trip. The reason Tampa was succussful was they kept the Skins out of the red zone. If somene is going to play themselves off as an expert, I wanna see more than simply banal truisms. I notice too that his tone changed a bit when he realized it was mostly Skins fans in the room. The Seahawks fans are too busy drinking Starbucks and learning all the verses to 'Oh Canada'.
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Re: Scouts Inc. Chat

What an ass is all I got to say.
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