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Something to think about?????

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Something to think about?????

I think it fair to say very few out side Skin fans think we can beat Seattle!! The Skins are 9 1/2 point dogs. But look at these things before you lay the points!!!

1- The Skins have played seven play-off teams and are 4-3 and against NFC teams that won thier division they have beaten them all! Seattle on the other hand played three play-off teams not counting Indy because they didn't play most of thier starters. The Hawks are 1-2 in those games and the only win was against the Giants 24-20 late in the season. The rest in the first four weeks of the season! Battle tested??? I think not! Both team where out scored in thoses games the Skins by two 135-137 while the Hawks were 55-66.

2-Each team play ten games that had common oppenents. Hawks had a 9-1 record with the only loss to the Redskins. They beat Arz.[2],SF[2],StL[2],Dall,NYGiants and Phill. The Skins were 9-1 as well beating Dall[2],Phill[2],Giants,SF,ARZ,StL and Seattle with the only loss to the Giants. As you can see by the Hawks lacked games against play-off teams while they had a 6-0 record against the weak west! How weak you ask??? Beside a combined record of 28-36 from teams in the west they were 5-11 vs the east! The east went 36-28 on the season! In those common games Washington[152] gave up 15.2 points a game while Seattle[197] gave up 16.7 points a game. The Hawk O was much better scoring 302 points for a 30.2 avg. While the Skins had 245 points a 24.5 avg. But most of you knew this as the Redskins had the second hardest schedule while the Hawks played the easiest in the league.

3- The one thing that most of us over look is the Skins 0-4 record vs the AFC West. ALL but the Raiders were very good teams and strong like Seattle. Losses to Den,Oak,KC and SD were ALL battles and could be that battle tested games needed for the run Washington is on. On the other hand Seattle had that throw out game against Indy and loss to Jacksonville in the AFC south. The Hawks beat up on two other south teams that looked a lot like team that should have been the NFC Lest in Houston and Tenn. Still they were 3-1 against the South.

4-Still it comes down to who is better today!! Who has the game plan and who plays the best. Who dosen't give the ball away. But I still believe the Redskins are more ready for this game then the Seahawks because of thier schedule and the Play-off mode they have been in for six weeks. But the home field and the rest could make up for that! Last there is the Gibbs factor that not many have taken note. He comes up with something maybe a player comes out of the blue or a play just for this game! If anyone can find Seattle weakness he will!

Go Skins SHOW THE WORLD GIBBS IS THE GREATEST COACH EVER!!!!! :headbange :headbange
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Re: Something to think about?????

and that greg williams is the best defenseive cordinator ever!
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