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Redskins Free Agents

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Redskins Free Agents

Originally Posted by bedlamVR
There is no knowing where Patten could come bak into the mix or indeed I see no reason to give up on Jacobs just yet, he was a second round slider but we may be able to use him and it wouldnt hurt the cap .

I think John Hall is done he is loosing his leg and confidence we need a new kicker and maybe Novack will be available again . Frost started getting better the end of the year but has bad patches and a hell of a temper could be in for a kicking comptetition.

LaVar stays all water under the bridge and he would cripple our cap situation. I also believe the bonus he is due next is pro-ratable over the length of hs existing contract . That will bring his cap number down significantly but there is a provisio in this that he doesn't go off runninghis mouth about the team .

Talk of getting the likes of Wayne, Molds, Randell El and Givens may be a little far fetched given our cap situation same with Abraham . I beleive what we will be looking for is FA steals from teams with no patience or money like M Washington from the Colts. Mathis is a possibility but he could be expensive.

There is one thing though with the potential cuts and a little re-organisation I think we could be in realtivly goodshape cap wise this year .
lavar isn't water under the bridge and he'll count some insane number this year no matter what happens... either 12mill to stay or 5mill to go from what i heard on 980 today, and lavars last comments (a month ago?) on it was there'd be no way he'd rework his contract. So lavar, bowen (if clark doesn't get a big FA contract), ramsey, and hall may all be cuts to keep us under cap.

I honestly don't think we're going to make any big deals this off season unless its in a player trade (which with lavar's contract seems highly unlikely).
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Re: Redskins Free Agents

[QUOTE=Schneed10]Ryan Clark
Demetric Evans
Rock Cartwright
Robert Royal
Ethan Albright
Warrick Holdman
Omar Stoutmire
Chris Clemons
Khary Campbell
Ade Jimoh
Cedric Killings
Brian Kozlowski
Aki Jones

I think Evans could draw the most off-season interest from other teams. Hopefully we'll keep him. For some reason I think Robert Royal could have a career year next year. I think he's a keeper.

WR is the biggest need, IMO. I like Reggie Wayne, but I'm not sure for the kinda of money he would command. And frankly, I know this may sound absurd, but I wonder how much of his production was a function of the system and playing with that great offense?

I bet Portis and Moss are in Gibbs ear on this one to keep the "U" movement alive and well at Redskins' park.
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