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Am I missing something on Ramsey?

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 01-16-2006, 10:21 PM   #16
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Re: Am I missing something on Ramsey?

This right here reinforces why I believe having Brunell start and letting the younger quarterbacks watch him play benefits BOTH Patrick Ramsey and Jason Campbell:

Despite not playing, Ramsey said he learned last season by watching Brunell, a 13-year NFL veteran.

"I watched Mark do a lot of good things," Ramsey said. "He had some tough situations, against some good teams and some good defenses. He was in a lot of different situations, as far as having the lead and coming from behind.

"He did a great job all season long and I learned a lot from him as far as checking down and knowing when to run with the ball. Those are the things you know, but seeing him do things, it kind of reinforces the idea that you may have had in your head."

That, to me, is the proper way of bringing up a young, inexperienced quarterback in the NFL.
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Old 01-17-2006, 01:33 AM   #17
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Re: Am I missing something on Ramsey?

Originally Posted by Tuesday's Washington Post
Ramsey, selected 32nd overall in 2002, was here before Gibbs arrived; the coach immediately acquired veteran Mark Brunell and traded three picks, including a first-rounder, to move up and take Campbell in the first round last year. Ramsey started the season opener, was yanked after 19 minutes, and never started again. He has made just 24 starts in four years here, and, with one year left on his rookie contract, badly wants a chance to start again, while Gibbs is enthusiastic that Campbell could play in 2006.

"I feel confident had Jason been thrust into things this year, I think he would have played and played well," Gibbs said. "We've seen a lot out of him, and now he needs to play. I was laughing when I told him, 'Okay, take the hat off and throw it away; you're ready to go to work to earn your money.' "

The New York Jets inquired about trading for Ramsey in September. Miami and Oakland are two other options for him, and several general managers said Ramsey likely would yield a mid-round pick in return. Ramsey would not commit to wanting to leave or return, and chose his words carefully, but is determined to play football next season.

"That was my concern when everything took place [being benched]," Ramsey said. "I'd like to play. If I'm going to develop as a quarterback in this league and play well, I think it needs to start at some point soon."

Gibbs said: "Patrick and I had a good talk and he felt a little bit like I did. Hey, the season's just over with and he hasn't had much chance to sit and think about anything and I haven't, either. So what we agreed to do is just continue to talk over these next few weeks."
Sounds pretty clear that Ramsey will be elsewhere in '06..
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Old 01-17-2006, 02:50 AM   #18
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Re: Am I missing something on Ramsey?

Originally Posted by offiss
I really don't see how anyone can take from those quotes that Ramsey is in all liklyhood gone?

I think Patrick lightened up a bit as the season wore on, I also think that his decision isn't going to be based on any personel disagreements. It's going to be based on the fact that Patrick is at the point where he has to be given a legitamate opportunity to start, I believe that he would really like to stay here if he can start, but that's obviously the problem, does Gibbs stay with Brunell, and lose his backup? Or does he deciede it's patricks time to take over and keep Brunell around as a mentor, and a very solid backup? Although it makes the most sense to keep Patrick around for 1 more season, I don't believe at this point in his carreer it's fair to him to ask him to backup again, he's a player and he need's, and deserves an opportunity to play. Patrick has swallowed every bit of garbage that has been thrown at him since he arriver in DC, he deserves to be rewarded, either with the starters job with us, or via trade with another team.

And I also believe we can get at least a high #2 pick for Patrick, there's more GM's who believe in Ramsey, than we have shown here.
Please I pray that Gibbs doesn't keep that lame ass old QB and let Ramsey go.....
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Old 01-17-2006, 03:00 AM   #19
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Re: Am I missing something on Ramsey?

Musgrave said he had 3 words about Campbell..."Accurate, accurate, accurate!!!" Spurrier RUINED Ramsey. He may stay due to lack of confedence in himself but i doubt it. I look for us to pick up a lame veteran QB and push Campbell if Brunell not having winning record by week 5.
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Old 01-17-2006, 09:43 AM   #20
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Re: Am I missing something on Ramsey?

Gibbs seems to be really high on Campbell, seems that the writing is on the wall for Ramsey, I don't see him coming back here next year. Gibbs was obviously never a huge fan of his so I don't see things changing now.
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Old 01-17-2006, 09:52 AM   #21
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Re: Am I missing something on Ramsey?

Last night during an interview, Gibbs had nothing but really good things to say about Campbell.

For a minute there, I almost thought he was speaking as if Campbell had just finished playing an actual game and Gibbs was literally assessing his performance.
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