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Koren Robinson on Comcast (Local DC TV)

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 02-13-2006, 01:48 PM   #61
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Re: Koren Robinson on Comcast (Local DC TV)

Originally Posted by skindogger47
i heard he is a born again christian, for whatever that's worth.
I don't think its worth as much as you might think. The idea that Gibbs favors Christian players was started by disgruntled training camp casualties in the eighties. It is demonstrably untrue. By the same token, it doesn't hurt. You are more likely to be mentally better prepared when you haven't been out boozing and chasing cheerleaders all night.
In the end, though, what Gibbs wants is outstanding professional football players regardless of race, religion, creed, or national origin.

Update: This post makes me sound naive enough to think that Christians don't booze or chase women. I know better and do not want to leave that impression. They real ones may be somewhat less likely to do these things.
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Re: Koren Robinson on Comcast (Local DC TV)

Just to echo your sentiments 70 - Since Gibbs himself is a devout Christian, he's probably less inclined to favor someone just because they espouse the same religious beliefs as himself. He comes across as someone who's tempered and balanced. Of course that's just my own observation, I don't know first hand.

But I think if Koren comes accross as plausible, Gibbs will give him a shot.
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Old 02-13-2006, 05:03 PM   #63
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Re: Koren Robinson on Comcast (Local DC TV)

give him a look
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Re: Koren Robinson on Comcast (Local DC TV)

I think being a Christian on this team really helps your chances, granted that's not your only chance but it's one way to really buddy up with Gibbs. I know I wasnt alone year before last wondering if Brunell taking Gibbs to the hospital and going to church with him every sunday had at little pull on him playing.
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Re: Koren Robinson on Comcast (Local DC TV)

Joe Gibbs is a professional. While being a devout Christian probably gives a player something in common with the coach, there is no proof it helps on the field. Look at how many players from the 80's we had on those championship teams. You can't tell me that all those stars were of the same faith.
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