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Charles Rogers

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Uncle Phil
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Re: Charles Rogers

Originally Posted by ST21
Actually I was evaluating the Lavar situation and We could Trade him to the Raiders for Jerry Porter, There is a possibility we could trade him to KC for Tony G., someone no one hardley talk about is Drew Bennett 6'5" 206....that would be nice... Larry Fitzgerald, who is loved by Denny Green but, for a Defensive Player like Lavar could be interesting....maybe we have to through somebodyelse in there.....(Ramsey) or Maybe Andre Johnson from the U...who now plays in Houston.....beefing up there D......all of these trades are possible......if Gibbs let Danny do the Dialing
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Re: Charles Rogers

I am a proud graduate of Michigan State University and always enjoy when a Spartan receiver makes it big in the pros:

Gene Washington
Kirk Gibson (played pro baseball Detroit Tigers, LA Dodgers)
Andre Rison
Mark Ingram
Derick Mason
Muhsin Muhammad
Plaxico Burress
Charles Rogers - ???

The thing with Rogers is that he did nothing in Detroit but get his coach fired. Injuries and substance abuse are issues; maybe they are related. I think he's worth a look, but nothing suggests he's the #2 receiver the Redskins are looking for.

David Patton at least had a track record. Rogers doesn't. In the last three seasons Patton appeared in 31 games, caught 75 passes for 1,157 yards and 7 TDs. Rogers appeared in 15 games, caught 36 passes for 440 yards and 4 TDs. (For comparison, last year alone, TO appeared in 7 games, caught 47 passes for 763 yards and 6 TDs; not that I'm starting rumors.) Patton draws double coverage to relieve pressure on Moss. I think opposing defenses would triple cover Moss and take their chances with Rogers.

We are looking for improvement. What's been said about TJ applies to Rogers. But since Jacobs appears to work harder and live cleaner, we would be better off with him than with Rogers. And I'm an MSU grad saying that.
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