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When Gibbs is gone

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: When Gibbs is gone

Originally Posted by FRPLG
What's wrong with looking foward? And I'm not worried about it. That's the point. We have plenty of time to discuss the salary cap and the draft and all that stuff. It will be discussed in excess I can promise you. I don't think broaching something else like the distant future ad how we're preparing for it now is out of line considering I think it is obviously a cornerstone of what Gibbs is trying to do.

Plus, it's a more important topic of interest as opposed to discussing TO every two weeks.
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Re: When Gibbs is gone

Originally Posted by saden1
Lets not all forget why Gibbs came back. He came back to right a ship that has been on the wrong path for 13 years. I believe everything he is doing is to setup the Redskins to succeed not just now but in the future. Even if he retires once again I'm pretty sure he'll be part of the organization in some capacity.

At his introductory press conference he was introduced as coach, and president of the team. Let's hope it is his ambition to wear that title for a long time, hopefully for much longer than his coaching days. However, when the time comes for him to make a decision about his coaching future the table is set for the team to be better suited than when he left last time.
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Re: When Gibbs is gone

anyone who thinks that puny 1 million dollar clause in greg williams contract guarantees anything,time to wake up.coach gibbs will have the redskins near the top in years to come by doing things the right way
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Re: When Gibbs is gone

Gibbs was brought in to make the redskins a contender again. He may not have done it on offense, but he's certainly done it with the team and coaching staff he has assembled. As someone pointed out previously - the new coaching staff hire isn't just about making a run at the super bowl next year - its about being a powerhouse for a long time to come.
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Re: When Gibbs is gone

Originally Posted by Dirtbag359
Gregg Williams will probably replace Gibbs after he leaves. Theres a clause in Williams new contract that pays him $1 million dollars if hes not offered the Redskins head coaching job when Gibbs retires.
Handing down the burgundy and gold torch is not a light hearted subject. Williams is being groomed to get it right the second time around, NOT thrown to the wolves. Gibbs will either win a SB in his next 3 years or he will happily retire, knowing he's one of the GREATEST. When he retires Williams will be our Head Coach. Period. And Williams will be a Champion, somebody that Gibbs purposely brought in.

Winning is not everything, it is the only thing.

Just win baby!
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