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TheWarpath.net Q&A transcript with Rick Snider (DC Examiner)

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TheWarpath.net Q&A transcript with Rick Snider (DC Examiner)

Much thanks again to Rick Snider for participating!

EXoffender: How confident are you in Jason Campbell having early success in his NFL career? Looking at the young gunners in the league right now, whose career do you think he will mock?

RS: The first day of training camp last year, Jason made me say "Wow" twice. I never did that with Heath or Gus or Patrick. Jason has a real blend of arm and legs. The word out of college was he would need one year to learn the system. I'm thinking he'll play some this year and be a starter in 2007. And in the end, I expect some good things from him.

amorentz: Are we expecting too much magic from Al Saunders? I know he and Gibbs are both from the Don Coryell system, but clearly that scheme has changed since the two were together at USC in 1972. It often takes a season or two to install a new scheme and get players comfortable with new terminology, formations, audibles, etc. I loved the hire at first...am I just finding reasons to worry?

RS: I'm more worried about Mark Brunell holding up over a season than I am about Saunders' playcalling. True, it takes a season for players to adjust, but Saunders is the one doing more of the adjusting so that timetable should shrink. I think it's a good hire for the organization because it allows Joe Gibbs to have more impact on the organization as a whole and stay longer.

wolfeskins: With the addition of Al Saunders, in what ways would you expect the Redskins' offense to change? Will they still use the h-back ? Will Cooley now be used more as a "traditional" tight end, similar to the way Saunders used Gonzalez in KC.....etc ?

RS: I don't think Cooley's role will change much. If it's not broke, don't fix it. All this offense needs is a second and third receiver and a better quarterback. They should get the receivers during the offseason along with David Patten returning so a lot of this is up to Brunell.

Dana87: Out of the available free agent WR's that will be available who do you think the Redskins will target? And why would they be a good fit?

RS: It's too early to say who will be available.

70Chip: What about Keenan McCardell as a temporary solution at WR?

RS: Keenan's time has passed. Better to look for younger prospects than rent an old veteran.

That Guy: Not specificly Redskins, but a Washington question none-the-less.

What are your thoughts on Tony Kornheiser getting the Monday Night Football nod? He certainly can't be any worse than Dennis Miller or Rush Limbaugh, can he?

RS: I think Tony will be great. I've known Tony for maybe 20 years, and while not close friends since we're at competing papers, I've always enjoyed his columns and radio show. He is naturally funny and that's very hard to do in print. I think Tony will need some time to adjust and with Joe T. in the booth Tony may not get much to say, but in the end Tony will be a good addition.

BrudLee: As a member of the Washington media, what are your feelings about the Redskins organization creating its own media arms with the Red Zebra radio purchases and the increasing dot-com presence? Given his contentious relationship with the Washington Post, was this turn of events even surprising?

RS: If Snyder wants to build his own media empire, let him. It's a free society. What fans and Snyder will learn is nothing replaces an independent press. When Red Zebra or whatever keeps boosting the team during bad times, fans will tire of it. Snyder and his boys may think they know how to control the media, but they really have no clue.

BDBohnzie: With the speculation of LaVar Arrington possibly being let go at some point during the offseason, what do you think of D'Qwell Jackson (LB, Maryland), and would it be worth trading up in the 2nd round to get him as a replacement for #56?

RS: When I left the Redskins beat in 2003 after 10 years as the Times' writer, I spent the next two years covering Maryland football and basketball before joining the Examiner in September 2005. D'Qwell is going to be a great pro player. Just a hammer. A lot like Marvcus Patton used to be. I don't know if Jackson will be available in the second round, but if he is, the Redskins should take him. And as long as we're talking draft, I saw Maryland tight end Vernon Davis turn into a stud. He could be a top 10 pick.

That Guy: Our biggest need is obviously wideout, but where do you think we'll find one? The draft class beyond Moss and Holmes looks dreadful and the only free agent of note seems to be Randel El. I know Dan doesn't lose many FAs, but if Randle El slips away to Chicago, what's the plan?

RS: You have just summarized what the next two months are about in the draft room. I think the Redskins will find some reserve receiver who will be a better No. 3 than 2 and draft a receiver in the second round.

crlesh: With the HOF selections made, and Art Monk not among them again, what are your opinions of the HOF selection process in general, and the slight to Monk, in particular? Is this simply a local issue, as Peter King contends; is there a conspiracy to keep Monk out of the Hall, as some of the more rabid fans suspect; or, is the HOF selection process simply flawed, destined to rob certain worthy players of it's accolades until the process is re-engineered? Or is there another reason?

RS: Monk deserves to be in, no doubt. When you retire as the career leader in receptions, that should make it automatic. There are some prominent writers who believe Monk didn't have a big enough impact on the game (touchdowns), but that's nonsense.

As a writer, I should back the current process, but I think it's too narrow. I vote for the Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame and there are 190 of us. Baseball is much more widespread. I think it should be expanded to 100 writers so a small bloc can't block Monk.

From what I hear, Michael Irvin has to go in first before some writers will back Monk. I think Russ Grimm should also make it. I'd like to see the Larry Brown be reconsidered, too.

skinsguy: Will the Redskins been in as much danger as what we think if the CBA isn't extended?

RS: If it's not extended, things fall into uncapped years, which would be in the Redskins favor since Snyder will spend $200 million if it buys a title.

redskinsfanatic: What are the chances of Gregg Williams inheriting the head coach job IF he stays until Gibbs retires again? How long is Jason Campbell away from being the Redskins starting QB?

RS: I don't think Williams following Gibbs is automatic. He may not wait and take a better offer. Snyder may not click with him. Still hard to say. As for Campbell, I think he's the starter in 2007.

TAFKAS: What sort of changes do you expect to see on Special Teams? Wholesale-kicker, punter, returner?

RS: I see a new kicker and punter, but hard to say on returner. I think they should re-sign kicker Nick Novak if he becomes available.

TAFKAS: ....and what's your favorite pie? (someone has to ask it)

RS: My favorite pie? Now you're in my wheelhouse. Apple, hands down. But it's not like I pass on most kinds.

Hey, this has been fun. Be sure to read me on dcexaminer.com. -- Rick
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Re: TheWarpath.net Q&A transcript with Rick Snider (DC Examiner)

Thanks Rick, Matty, and to all those that asked questions. I thought that was a pretty good read.
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Re: TheWarpath.net Q&A transcript with Rick Snider (DC Examiner)

Who says shameless self promotion is stupid? oh yeah, that was me... Click For Tunes!
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Re: TheWarpath.net Q&A transcript with Rick Snider (DC Examiner)

Well done, Matty! Thanks to Rick Snider and all who provided the great questions.
Hail from Houston!
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Re: TheWarpath.net Q&A transcript with Rick Snider (DC Examiner)

Thanks Rick. Good insight on the Redskins off-season WR strategy.
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Re: TheWarpath.net Q&A transcript with Rick Snider (DC Examiner)

Thanks, Rick. And thank you, TAFKAS, for clearly asking what needed to be asked.
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Re: TheWarpath.net Q&A transcript with Rick Snider (DC Examiner)

definitely a nice touch to add the pie question.

Thanks to both Rick Snider and Matty for setting this up and sharing with us.
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Re: TheWarpath.net Q&A transcript with Rick Snider (DC Examiner)

Glad you guys enjoyed it, we'll try to set up another Q&A around draft time.
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Re: TheWarpath.net Q&A transcript with Rick Snider (DC Examiner)

That was great! I was especially excited to see my question up there (since Len, Mort, Mel, etc. always ignore me!)
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