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Lavar's Statement (cut so deep)

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Re: Lavar's Statement (cut so deep)

Originally Posted by #56fanatic
Dont you see a common thread here. Players leaving with bad tastes in there mouth. started with Brian mitchell, Art monk(both should have never worn another jersey)brad johnson,steven davis, champ bailey, trotter,smoot,peirce. now lavar. I know players tend to say things when they leave, but for all of them to say the same thing, that isn't a coinsodence.
It has been insult to injury, I can't stand the way those things have happened, but this is Gibbs' team now & he's trying to right the ship & not overpay a few guys at the expense of others. AP & Smoot really didn't bad mouth us, they just said the obvious; that free agents were getting paid more than guys who were "homegrown redskins" as smoot put it. They were right but unfortunately Gibbs inherited most of the current salary cap mess we're in, he only contributed to some of the signings, & he doesn't sign the checks. What we're seeing now, w/lavar gone, is part of the bigger picture I hope - more fiscal restraint & sound cap mgmt. PLus, losing doesn't make anyone happy & most of these guys left w/out a winning season here.
But what has lavar said about the skins? nothing that bad except last year's rant about his knee & the $ dispute.
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Re: Lavar's Statement (cut so deep)

Not to beat a dead horse, but I came across this on a penn st. site(http://www.pennlive.com/weblogs/pasp...s/2004_03.html) & found it rather amusing, hadn't heard this before.
Guess the devil really is in the details!

"Devil of a contract

In alumni news, former Nittany Lion and current Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington recently appeared on the James Brown Show on Sporting News Radio to discuss his contract issues with Washington. Apparently, Arrington, a Christian, could not sign the deal because it featured three sixes.
Arrington said he agreed to a deal, which included the $6.5 million bonus, but the deal then featured three sixes in the numbers, which, as a Christian man, he couldn't sign because that's the mark of the devil. And Arrington said he brought this "devil" problem up to the Redskins, which he says proves his case that the $6.5 million was agreed to by the team because, without the $6.5 million included, the contract would not have featured the three sixes.
If that isn't surreal enough, Arrington has also been taking part in ESPN's quest to find the next annoying Sports Center anchor as a judge on Dream Job. But for some reason his performance on the show has irked Matt Brown of the Sierra Sun.
But it's the big dufus named LaVar Arrington that I just can't fathom. The four-year Washington Redskins Linebacker proves all the jocko dumb-guy stereotypes correct with his almost non-responsive answers on Dream Job. For a guy who can't even intelligently explain why he is cutting a contestant, I can't understand how he got picked for the "job" in the first place. Arrington, 25, routinely stumbles when called upon to explain himself, and it's difficult to give any credibility to his opinions. He often repeats what Tony K. and Hoover have said before him.

Arrington has got to go. Just finish the show without him. Arrington is a durable and outstanding linebacker on the football field, but the man does not belong on any panel in which he makes up 20 percent of a decision that has life-altering consequences for 12 people."
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Re: Lavar's Statement (cut so deep)

that would be quite ridiculous considering that three sixes has nothing to do with the devil. its just the mark of the beast in the bible
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