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Around the Horn - 3/15/06

Redskins Locker Room

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Around the Horn - 3/15/06

Michael Smith and Woody Paige both said that we would be the best team in the NFC next year, and the other 2 guys said we were 3rd behind Carolina and Seattle

We're definitely better than Carolina...they still dont have another receiver to go with Steve Smith...they had the same problem that we did last year, except worse

We're also better than Seattle...they're probably gonna lose Hutchinson(their best o-lineman) and they lost Jurevicious...and they're the super bowl loser, who ends up sucking every year

edit: crap...can a mod fix the name of the thread...i meant around the horn
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Mr. Brightside
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Re: Around the Hord - 3/15/06

seattle will be worse because their division, the cardinals at least, are getting better. they had the easiest scheduel last year, shouldnt be the case again this year
"I don't care what nobody say I'm a be me, stay hood stay real, cause I'm out here grindin'" -Joe Gibbs
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Re: Around the Hord - 3/15/06

I glad people are reconizing us, but personally I still liked it last year when everyone wrote us out.
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Old 03-13-2006, 06:37 PM   #4
Camp Scrub
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Re: Around the Hord - 3/15/06

They are smart. Peter King is retarded.
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Old 03-13-2006, 06:43 PM   #5
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Re: Around the Hord - 3/15/06

Originally Posted by Arrows over NFC East
They are smart. Peter King is retarded.
Your giving Peter King too much credit.
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Old 03-13-2006, 08:09 PM   #6
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Re: Around the Horn - 3/15/06

I prefer to be overlooked as well--it was a great motivator. BUt with Gibbs in charge, I have no worries--we'll be prepared.

If Saunders gets his system up and running--and we get quality QB play, look out.

As for Seattle, if they lose Hutch on the line, that's gonna hurt. As for Carolina, they'll be right there again.

My guess is (I hate to say it) Philly will be back in it. My hope is that the gints and roids crash out. Wonder how the bears will do, given that we took all the FAs they wanted? THe Rams upgraded their D and Bulger will be back. Who knows? That's parity for ya...
Hail from Houston!
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Re: Around the Horn - 3/15/06

Carolina has taken several steps backward. Seattle has too. The NFC beast comes from the east.

Ladies and gentlemen please take your seats. Old School is back in session.
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