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Chiefs | Alphonso Hodge a robbery victim

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Chiefs | Alphonso Hodge a robbery victim

Chiefs | Hodge a robbery victim
Thu, 16 Mar 2006 09:01:16 -0800

Elizabeth Merrill, of the Kansas City Star, reports Kansas City Chiefs CB Alphonso Hodge was a robbery victim March 6, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution citing police documents. A man allegedly pulled out a revolver and, along with two other men, took $8,500 in cash, $32,000 worth of jewelry, a $6,000 watch, and his Hummer2. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Wednesday, March 15, the police have caught the men who allegedly held up Hodge. The robbery took place during a late-night trip to the Waffle House in Atlanta.

thats a lot of jewelery for a dude to be wearing... stealing a hummer2 is a GREAT way to not get caught. It doesn't stick out at all.
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Re: Chiefs | Alphonso Hodge a robbery victim

well anyother 60,000 car would just be no fun



ignore the Jeep stuff in the second one

Two of my family members have hummers. I have driven them a few times but I don't really like it that much but you do feel like the king of the road.

A few months ago that guy Andray Blatche from the wizards was in an attempted car jacking where he got shot. http://www.connectionnewspapers.com/...per=59&cat=104
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Re: Chiefs | Alphonso Hodge a robbery victim

He did good in handing them everything on him. A person I know along with some friends of his got stuck up in Norther Carolina one time and everyone cooperated except this one guy with them. You can guess what happened to that one guy. Ones life isn't worth jewelry and a car.

As for Hummers, well, they are pretty shitty cars, but then again I think any car that gets 12 miles a gallon is a pretty shitty car.
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Re: Chiefs | Alphonso Hodge a robbery victim

stop flossin in front of everyone who is not rich people are on the grind you flashin it you must not want it come on now who carries 6 grand in their pockets at one time i would would have got him if i had the opportunity i bet he won't show off again! thats real talk
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