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Cowboys Officially Sign Terrell Owens

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 03-20-2006, 01:16 PM   #46
Camp Scrub
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Re: Cowboys Officially Sign Terrell Owens

Originally Posted by firstdown
From what I have heard that alot of media guys are getting emails from ticked off Dallas fans but when TO starts scoring TD's alot of those ticked off fans will become TO fans. It was like when they fired Tom L it ticked off alot of fans but after a couple of year they where saying Tom who?
I agree, but i dont think thats the point. Thats like speeding through a redlight with your family in the car. Even if you make it through with no problem and go on to have a successful car ride, it still wasnt a smart risk to take.
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Re: Cowboys Officially Sign Terrell Owens

Originally Posted by scowan
We should almost start a poll or another thread on how many games it will take for T.O. to "blow-up" the Cowboys. I give him 5 games!
I think we'll have to wait until it's clear to the local Dallas press, as well as the fans, that their season is over. ...So I'd bet on Game 11.
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Re: Cowboys Officially Sign Terrell Owens

T.O.'s new rap from his website:


"When it comes to this game, I'm the best in the field, some said I was gonna sign just a one-year deal, but I got what I wanted up front, 10 mil, changed the rules of the game, so now how you feel?" Owens raps.

Owens also takes shots at the Eagles' management in the rap: "I got a brand new team, I am a Cowboy now, no more black and green, to the haters that said I'm not going to get my money, I'm laughing in your face, ha ha, that's funny."

He really wants the Philly fans to kill him.
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