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whos the starting positions at receiver?

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: whos the starting positions at receiver?

Originally Posted by That Guy
plenty of teams keep 5WRs active (especially if they help with teams) on game day. lots of teams do use 5 wide from time to time.
Oh certainly, any team can have as many wide receivers as it wants to be active on game day. But that means somewhere else, at some other position, you won't be as deep.

I don't know of too many teams that line up with 5 "pure" wides with any regularity -- by that I mean you could see an empty backfield without a TE --but usually it's a tight end or half back lining up wide. Back in the Run-'n-Shoot days with Houston and Atlanta, that may have been the case. Not saying it doesn't happen, but I'd say it's pretty rare.
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Re: whos the starting positions at receiver?

Originally Posted by Beemnseven
I'm not so sure James Thrash makes it on the team this year. Say what you want about his special teams play, with 4 other wideouts all generally regarded as being ahead of him on the roster, the #5 spot means you're going to be inactive a whole lot.

If there is a fifth wide receiver, I wouldn't be surprised if Thrash gets beaten out by an undrafted free agent.
That may be true, but that undrafted free agent will have an awfull lot of impressing to do, Gibbs really likes Thrash pretty much because of his work ethic and special teams play... I know it sucks when Thrash is back to return a punt, knowing that he is going to fair catch, but atleast we know that he will atleast catch the ball and not turn it over, giving our O atleat a chance...
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Re: whos the starting positions at receiver?

Originally Posted by TAFKAS
DQ? Dairy Queen?
No, you remember..

Darrel Queen
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