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Cooley contract???

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Cooley contract???

Originally Posted by That Guy
I meant you can't just sign him to a deal now. He has two years, let him play those 2 years first. Afterwards maybe we keep him, maybe we don't (depending on contract demands and outside offers). I do agree that he is a great player and a useful guy to have on the roster.

as for being replaceable, there's a good TE almost every year, though they usually go in round 1 (heath miller, vernon davis, L pope, heap, etc)
My main point is if you have to pick a very small number (4-5) of guys to hold over a long amount of time, I would put Cooley among them. From a franchise standpoint, you don't need to extend his contract, and I wouldn't do that this year anyway. But the guy has earned his money, and he hasn't begged for it, so he should get it.

If you only pay the people who come to you and beg for it, what kind of example does that set for the rest of the team?

Also with the TE's, you are right with the quality of recieving TE that comes out of college. But just having a wide body doesn't mean you can block. More specifically, if you are going to rely on your running game, you want a TE who is a great in-line blocker, and is more than willing to block; guys who consistently handle DE's and LB's in the running game. I would venture to say that the college ranks produce 1-2 guys who fit this description a year.

Cooley doesn't fit this in-line blocker ideal. But that's alright because he plays the H in Gibbs' offense. Cooley isn't a true TE, and if you played him there he'd be playing out of position. He's more than willing to block, and he's an excellent seal blocker. But that doesn't make him a great in-line blocker. He wouldn't be much more than a special teamer in any other system, despite his value as a football player and the fact that he catches absolutely anything thrown to his side of the field.

Bottom line: The Skins don't have to pay Cooley right now, but they should give him the contract he deserves within a year and a half.

Sorry about the essay.
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Re: Cooley contract???

its all cool, they're good points Shockey is a true TE and he doen't block either, but he still helps his offense.

as far as 4-5 players you want to keep:
M washington
S Taylor
C Griffin
S Moss
R Thomas
J Jansen
C Samuels
C Portis

are all more important than cooley and much harder to replace (except maybe portis (general influx of RB talent, not a knock on him). this is also discounting the new guys since we haven't seen them play in our system yet).
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