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Who will be the NFC East best Reciever in 2006?

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Re: Who will be the NFC East best Reciever in 2006?

fabini is pretty good, kosier is pretty average... might be a draw as far as talent, but new parts mean they won't be 100% on point with each other at the start of the season.
Originally Posted by Master4Caster
The key for Dallas is the return of a healthy Flozell Adams, who means as much to the Cowboys O-line as Jon Jansen does to us. The whole Dallas offense was degraded when he went down. From what I read, the Cowboys are pretty happy with their FA pick-ups. I admit I dont know much about them, but an improved line is always a tonic for the O. Dallas will be tougher.
I pretty much agree with both of this post Fabini is good and an upgrade over petitti and kosier is average but allen was playing average or less and I also agree that new parts in the oline will strugle early on but we can't do worst than last year and where good changes for the long run in our offense.

And also I agreee Flozell is a Mayor part in our oline heck it all comes down to him we sure went downhill when he went down we just didn't had anybody capable of replace him first time in his carrer he got hurth hope it's the last.
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Re: Who will be the NFC East best Reciever in 2006?

Originally Posted by Schneed10
TO will lead in yardage, but only because the Redskins will now spread the ball around a bit more. Moss will still be just as valuable to the Skins as he was last year, it's just that instead of getting the ball quite so much, he'll help open up the defense for Lloyd and Randle-El.

TO will have like 1300 yards and Moss will have like 1200.

But the Skins WR corps as a whole will top the entire NFC East, and that's really the question we should care about most. It's a team game after all. Dallas can have their TO and his gaudy numbers. We'll take the wins.
Excellent point. There was a year ('91) when Dallas had the NFC's leading receiver (Michael Irvin), the league's leading rusher (Emmitt Smith), and the NFC's most accurate passer (Troy Aikman). Their TE Jay Novacek also led the NFC in receptions for a TE. But our offense still put up more points, had more productivity and higher rankings overall, and we also sent five guys to the Pro Bowl. Oh yeah, and we also won the division by three games and won the Super Bowl. I could care less about having stars with gaudy statistics; so what if T.O. gets the receiving crown. As long as we kick Dallas' ass (and everybody else's), that's all that matters.
Win it in the trenches.
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Re: Who will be the NFC East best Reciever in 2006?

Originally Posted by angryssg
He still has 14 other games against 12 other opponents.
These 14 he will be suspended.
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Re: Who will be the NFC East best Reciever in 2006?

Originally Posted by Dirtbag359
My friends and I got into a pretty heated discussion about this recently saying theres no way Santana outgains T.O. in yardage next year. On top of that they said that hes probably gonna have a harder time catching up to Plaxicos numbers. There arguments included the usual stuff like no one can stop T.O. and T.O. is T.O, and everyones personal favorite 'How do you stop T.O?' to which I answered "hire Gregg Williams."

While listening to this pointless banter I arrived at the possibility that my time machine had finally worked, taking me back to a year earlier. However to my dismay it just turns out that my friends are idiots.

Anyway I wanted to create a poll but apparently I'm not authorized to do so, so if a mod wants to jack my thread for the sake of making one by all means please do so.

So what do you think? Who will lead the NFC East in recieving yardage when 2006 rolls around? Will it be T.O, Santana, Plaxico, or the Philidelphia Recieving Corps? Feel free to pick either one just PLEASE don't give me the same pointless arguments that T.O. is T.O.
We love Santana and hate TO, but he'll be more productive than Santana because all the 'Boyz have are him and Glenn. Since we have 4 WR, Santana's pass yardage will likely be down, but his TD may go up since they can't double/triple him. If Randel El gets mad PT, that also would take away from Santana's numbers. I think TO and Santana are relatively equal talent wise, but Santana's team attitude/youth/hands makes him the best WR in the division (since TO is a moron).
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Re: Who will be the NFC East best Reciever in 2006?

Chris Cooley
according to a source with knowledge of the situation.
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