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Originally Posted by joecrisp
Gardner didn't make any real standout plays during the minicamps, but I did notice him dropping a couple of passes. I guess I noticed that more because I'm kind of looking for that from Gardner. I wasn't very impressed with his route-running, either. He tends to round off his routes a little bit, and lacks the crispness that you see from Jacobs and Coles. I also would like to see him attack the ball more. He has a tendency to wait on passes instead of going after them, which opens up the opportunity for the defensive backs to make a play on the ball. He really needs to learn to use his size to fend off defenders and get the ball.

Basically the same old Gardner to this point. Hopefully, he steps it up a couple of notches in training camp.
As much as a stickler Gibbs is for being precise, I can't see Gardner continuing to be a starter if he is not crisp without pads, it's not like he's a better game-player than practice player, he makes the same mistakes.. I can see them putting Jacobs and McCants higher on the depth chart. A training camp trade is unlikely, but that is the one position we probably can afford to make a deal from.

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Originally Posted by Drift Reality
I'm not sure why they slotted a fullback in the 'Skins depthchart.

It's strange because they accomodate teams that run a 3-4 by including a slot for NT.

Gibbs doesn't really use a fullback, so it's sort of silly to have Rock listed as the starting fullback.

I think it would have been more realistic to have Rasby at TE and Sellers at H-Back.
Yeah, I thought that was kind of odd, too.

You're right, Drift. The true fullback position doesn't really exist in Gibbs' offense. They should have Rock at runningback (Bugel and Gibbs have made it clear that he's too small to play H-back); with Sellers, Cooley and Ware at H-back, and Rasby, Koslowski, Royal and Stephens at TE.
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