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Patten thrust back into veteran leaderís role

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Patten thrust back into veteran leaderís role

Originally Posted by That Guy
can't PS a guy after his 2nd year.

REALLY!!!??? huh, wasn't aware of that. We should have sent him to Europe to play but at the same time I was a Jacobs hopeful I'll admit.
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Re: Patten thrust back into veteran leaderís role

If TJ really had anything to show, last year would have been the perfect opportunity to do so. When you can't produce on a team that is desparate for a WR, I have to wonder what you can really bring to the table. For me, TJ is like Peter Warrick without the talent. So much hype/talk about how great he is, but he hasn't shown it in three years. Sorry, but I'm done waiting for him to finally become a capable NFL receiver.

As for Patten. I think Gibbs has shown that he is always willing to play whoever is best suited to get the job done. If Patten outperforms Lloyd and/or ARE, he'll get the start. If his ability is on par with those other guys, Gibbs/Saunders will play him when the situation dictates that Patten is the better man for the job. Each WR brings a different dimension or specialty to the field. Maybe Lloyd will be better at making the circus catch, while Patten will be a better route runner. Some game situations will call for one, and other game situations will call for another. I think there are going to be plenty of balls to spread around this year.
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