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Anyone worried???

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Old 05-24-2004, 11:10 AM   #16
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In the 12 games Trotter played before he was hurt, were the Skiins leading the division and headed to the playoffs on the strength of their defense? Not the way I recall that year. Trotter was a guy who played linebacker "good but not great". That's all I've ever said about him. Oh and he is overpaid too.

I never said Simmonteau (or however you spell his name) led the Eagles to anything. I said that he was the MLB on a team that went to the NFC championship just as other Eagle MLBs have been on teams that went to the NFC championship just as Trotter was. You think he is the worst starting MLB in the NFL; I don't think he is quite that bad but let me agree with you for the moment.

Here's the logical conclusion from your opinion. The Eagles replaced Trotter with the worst starting MLB in the league and their record dropped off not at all. So, what does that say about Trotter? He can't be worlds apart from the "worst starting MLB in the NFL." I doubt that Andy Reid and his coaching staff have lost hundreds of hours of sleep trying to figure a way to get Trotter back in a green uniform.

The Eagles defensive system makes players look good. It is sort of the reverse of the Skins' defense last year which took some decent players and made them look like Keystone Kops out there. Trotter was made to look good - actuallly made to look a lot batter than he actually will ever be in a system other than that one...
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Old 05-24-2004, 06:43 PM   #17
Keep the Faith

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I was at the Skins-Bears game this past year in Chicago. Late in the 4th the Bears were backed up in their own end at a crucial point in the game. Grossman threw a pass that hit Trotter right in the numbers. Did he grab it to turn the tables and give the Skins a victory in the only live game I got to see all year? Of course not.

I'm not blaming Trotter for that loss or the Skins' miserable season. But the lesson remains as always - never trust the dirty bird.

PS - the rule does not apply to my man Thrash, he's a Skin.
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