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Michael Smith Observations from camp

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Michael Smith Observations from camp

Originally Posted by BigSKINBauer View Post
YOu can tell by that article that Taylor is sorta two faced. It is really wierd. You will hear GW and others talk about how he is a great guy but nothing the media has seen would point to that. Its crazy. I read an article last year that spoke about him in his grandmothers house and how he just sits there alone and reads. He doesn't talk to the media which puts down his image but that is him, almost an interverted person.

I posted a few weeks ago how i met him. It wasn't just that he didn't do anything 'bad', it was more that he was a completely nice guy. I talked to him for a couple minutes and there is no reason a player should talk to a fan in a parking lot for minutes. He was initiating the conversation too by asking questions about me and college. Who does that? Portis was just sitting looking at his cell phone and i don't think he should have been doing anything else, no one talks to the fans that way. He was joking with my friends and when we left i told someone who doesn't know anything about football that he was facing 26 years just a few months ago. She at first thought i was talking about Portis. When i said it was about taylor, she couldn't believe it.

Taylor needs to stay out of trouble and show the media that he isn't as bad as he seems by what he has done. He is by no means a saint but a few bad(actually horrible) situations have shaped his perception around the league. I hope that the sean that GW talks about is the real shean because if not he is going to be in trouble for the rest of his career.
The testimony from mah boy Jimmy F should be good enough shouldnt it?
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Re: Michael Smith Observations from camp

Originally Posted by TAFKAS View Post
On the second post I took some highlights of his observations and posted them here
D'oh! thanks
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