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Random egotistical observations

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Random egotistical observations

Originally Posted by freddyg12 View Post
However, lets play devil's advocate, it's not just the owners that benefit from preseason revenue, its the players as well. That's what part of the recent cba negotiation was about, the nflpa wanted a higher % of team revenue. John Madden also made a good point the other night during the game, something like "so if a player gets hurt in practice, does that mean you don't practice anymore."
Two things on these points: One, the owners could simply make up the lost revenue by adjusting the price of regular season game tickets. Granted, no one would like that, but ask those same people if they'd rather see their favorite star player be lost for the season to a torn ACL in a meaningless exhibition game.

And on the age-old "they can injure themselves in practice too!" argument: No practice can match the level of violence and risk of injury that actual game conditions can, when the opponent lining up against you has another team's uniform on. Not saying it can't happen in practice, but if or when it does, then the stars simply weren't aligned for that player, and it just wasn't his day.

By the way, there should only be two preseason games, shortened to 10 minutes per quarter, and no overtime. If it ends in a tie, so be it. The regular season stays as it is -- 16 games.
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Re: Random egotistical observations

Whoa, we got a ham sandwich in the Jacobs deal? Why would San Fran do that? We got 'em good!
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Re: Random egotistical observations

Originally Posted by TAFKAS View Post
I'm thinking of not posting the rest of the preseason. Y'all know what I bring. I've proven myself for the last 2.5 years in the regular season, and the playoffs. Now you want me to risk carpal tunnel or some other injury to comment on the preseason? It's messed up is what it is.
Finally, someone understands the reasons why I've been so quiet around here lately! Carpal tunnel is a bitch! Everybody knows I've got the highest WPP (words per post) in this forum. And everybody knows JoeCrisp brings the knowledge when it's crunch-time, baby!
Joe Crisp covered Redskins camps for TheWarpath.net for three years. He also covered Redskins Training Camp 2005 for The Daily Progress.
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