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Patten's T-Rex arms

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Patten's T-Rex arms

who is that girl????? God damn!
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Re: Patten's T-Rex arms

The real reason why I think Patten is in trouble is his attitude combined with the additions made in the off season. His time off, age and play are simply additional strikes against him.

Once again, I realize that I am in the distinct minority on this one and am engaging in some wild ass speculation. However, there is a pattern that suggests he is anything but a lock for a roster slot.
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Re: Patten's T-Rex arms

Originally Posted by m240guy View Post
I just brought this up in another thread but it bears discussion on its own.

How 'bout Patten's sudden, nasty habit of short arming catchable balls? Looks like to me that we have a case of an older WR, coming off a season side-tracked by injury, that sees a big time player get hurt in pre-season and decides he doesn't want to take a nasty shot. Could just be paranoia on my part, but that would certainly fit. Patten is pretty reliable when he is healthy. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense for him to dump two catchable balls just minutes apart unless he is hearing footsteps.

What say ye?
He is still better than ESPY Thrash or Farris.
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Re: Patten's T-Rex arms

Wow, We are arguing and discussing the quality of a #4 0r #5 reciever unbelievable. So theres no way to sit back and not have production in games. This has been the longest preseason ever. and its only half way through.

It doesnt matter cuz in 5 hours I will have Madden and I will show you guys how we will get to the Super Bowl.I have won at least 200 super bowls in as many years with the skins. But they will not return my emails for becoming an intern coach. WTF? Espy, Cash will not even be on the squad.
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Re: Patten's T-Rex arms

i was a bit dissappointed but figured he was trying to avoid a preseason injury or some such. he's not at risk for losing his roster spot, so it's no big deal. and for anyone who wants to cut him, his lackluster yardage last year still put him #2 as far as WRs, he's been pretty productive, and he isn't getting paid all that well. there's 0 reason to drop him unless you can get a starting quality O Lineman.
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