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Current Preseason Records

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 08-28-2006, 08:24 AM   #16
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Re: Current Preseason Records

Originally Posted by RiggoRules View Post
Just a few key ones....

Oakland: 4-0
Houston: 2-0
Cleveland: 2-1
Washington: 0-3
Pittsburgh: 0-3
Seattle: 1-2
Indianapolis: 1-2
I think once the season starts we can pretty much reverse all of those records.

And for the record, I'm not worried.
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Old 08-28-2006, 08:36 AM   #17
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Re: Current Preseason Records

omg dude, the season is over! start planning for next year...
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Old 08-28-2006, 09:07 AM   #18
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Re: Current Preseason Records

I am concerned. We should have been more competative in the Pats game. The Skins need to play with more attitude. They looked like a flat tire on Saturday.

I am hoping for the best and will remain faithful to the skins like I have since 1971.
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Old 08-28-2006, 04:28 PM   #19
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Re: Current Preseason Records

I am not worried at all.... Most teams that do weel in the regular season, struggle through the preseason. It has been pointed out many many times already. We are playing without our best player in CP, so they know there is no real threat of the run, cause TJ is still new and sorry to say Betts and Rock have shown nothing to this point. So the defense can pin back their ears and head straight for the QB. Also in an interview I read, Al said that they have only shown like 2% of his 700 play playbook. So maybe he picked the least effective plays in there and when we are actually playing with the full playbook, things will get better. I feel like we are almost playing possum, why show your hand until you really need to. We made some big headlines this offseason and people are all predicting big things for us. Well why help out Minny or Dallas by showing all of our plays right now.

do not worry, wait till Monday Night Football and then watch the real Skins show what they can do.
HTTR from North of the 49th!!!!!

Two things I love.... Canada and the Redskins!!!!
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