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Prediction Time

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Uncle Phil
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Prediction Time

Post your 2006 predictions here. I'll lock this thread Thursday afternoon, we can look back on our picks come February. Here are mine. Yours don't have to be as detailed


Redskins (11-5): I see something like 5-3 in the first half and 6-2 in the second half. Andre Carter will have a monster year...I hope

Cowboys (10-6: Wild Card): Parcells, Bledsoe, Glenn and TO could all be gone after this year so they'll feel the pressure to win now

Giants (8-8): The over/under on when LA starts complaining about lack of playing time is week 6

Eagles (7-9): They're healthier and they're better. But it's still not good enough to be better than 4th in this division


Bears (14-2): I really like their QBs. Griese is a solid veteran. Grossman I think can be great. He's got to stay healthy though. And get his confidence back. It may be too late but I'll blindly keep the faith (not much longer though)

Vikings (7-9): Won with a lot of smoke and mirrors last year. I mean a lot of teams did, but I just don't see this team improving upon last year.

Packers (5-11): Favre will throw his 20 TDs and his 25 INTs, but it's the defense that will kill this team. Unless Woodson can stay healthy, which he can't

Lions (3-13): I could see a clash of personalities with Marinelli and Martz


Panthers (12-4): Reminiscent of the best Gibbs' teams of the 1980s. Very balanced, no glaring weakness. I think those Redskins were the model for this team

Falcons (9-7): Michael Vick will single-handedly win 10 games for them (that's for you TMC!)

Bucs (8-8): I think a lot of key players on this team are going to suddenly go from "experienced" to just "old"

Saints (6-10): Ask me about them again in '07, they'll be much better then


Seahawks (10-6): Never mind that Super Bowl loser jinx or the Madden jinx. Seattle and Shaun Alexander will break them both

Rams (10-6: Wild Card): My sleeper team! I really like the moves they made this offseason.

Cardinals (8-8): Leinart is starting by week 9.

Niners (4-12):
I don't know why they think Nolan and Norv can lead them to greatness


Patriots (13-3): I like their last minute move to get Doug Gabriel. He'll stretch the field

Dolphins (10-6: Wild Card): This is everyone's AFC darling it seems. They'll be good but not better than NE.

Bills (5-11): They avoid the cellar thanks to the Jets

Jets (3-13): They should have just named Kellen Clemens the starter from day one. They're going nowhere


Bengals (11-5):
For all the talk, deservedly so, about Palmer and Chad Johnson, people tend to overlook the consistently solid Rudi Johnson

Steelers (10-6: Wild Card): They'll stay competitive like they always do

Ravens (7-9): Can McNair stay healthy? If he can't the Ravens won't come close to 7 wins

Browns (6-10): Don't be fooled by the record. This team is moving in the right direction


Colts (12-4): I used to think the Colts would miss Edge, but now I'm starting to think Edge will miss the Colts

Jaguars (8-8): The defense is awesome, the offense is young but improving. They'll take a step back this season though

Texans (5-11): They did the right thing by hiring Gary Kubiak. But how many times will they be close to turning the corner and actually turn the corner? This will be a breakout year for Carr though

Titans (3-13): They're probably my second favorite team in the NFL, but they're not that good right now and they have a killer schedule


Broncos (12-4): Who will be their leading rusher? Mike Bell? Tatum Bell? Patti LaBelle?

Chargers (9-7): Will earn the distinction once again of best team not in the playoffs

Chiefs (5-11): Yeah I'm picking them to crash. Am I the only who's noticed this offense no longer has Vermeil, Saunders, Tony Richardson, and perhaps most importantly Willie Roaf?

Raiders (0-16): It's bound to happen at some point, and I'm calling it now. The Raiders don't win a single game this year

NFC Championship: Redskins over Bears
AFC Championship: Colts over Pats
Super Bowl XLI: Redskins 27, Colts 20 (so I'm biased, so what?)
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Special Teams
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Re: Prediction Time

I agree with most of that. Although, Raiders will win 3 or 4, Jags win 2 more, and flip flop Rams n Cards and Falcons and Bucs. I agree with playoff scenario except Cards squeek in, not the Rams.
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Re: Prediction Time

NFC East: Skins 12-4 / Giants 10-6 / Cowboys 8-8 / Eagles 6-10
NFC South: Falcons 12-4 / Panthers 10-6(wildcard) / Buccaneers 8-8 / Saints 5-11
NFC North: Bears 10-6 / Vikings 8-8 / Lions 6-10 / Packers 3-13
NFC West: Seahawks 11-5 / Cardinals 10-6(wildcard) / Rams 7-9 / 49ers 5-11

AFC East: Patriots 11-5 / Dolphins 10-6(wildcard) / Bills 7-9 / Jets 2-14
AFC South: Colts 11-5 / Jaguars 9-7 / Texans 6-10 / Titans 5-11
AFC North: Bengals 11-5 / Steelers 10-6(wildcard) / Ravens 8-8 / Browns 6-10
AFC West: Chargers 10-6 / Chiefs 10-6 / Broncos 9-7 / Raiders 2-14

Conference Champs: Redskins vs Panthers / Bengals vs Colts
SB Champs: Redskins 31 Bengals 24
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Re: Prediction Time

NFC East

1. Washington (11-5): Would be even better if Brunell was more consistent

2. Philadelphia (10-6) Wild Card: Very underrated, great offensive and defensive lines, they went to three straight NFC championship games with Thrash and Stinkston. There is more competition now, but they can go at least 10-6 with Stallworth and Brown

3. New York (9-7): Their defense is overrated, all they have is Strahan, Umenyiora, and Pierce. Tiki Barber will take a step back, Eli will improve, but it won't be enough to make the playoffs.

4. Dallas (7-9): Horribly overrated, bad offensive line, secondary isn't that good, Owens will probably get pissed.

NFC North

1. Chicago (11-5): Great defense, won't be as good as last year, but still top 5. Rex Grossman is not their answer at QB, Their offense will improve when Brian Griese gets put in.

2. Detroit (7-9): I like their coaching staff with Marinelli and Martz. Roy Williams and Kevin Jones will have breakout years, but they still won't be that good.

3. Minnesota (5-11): I'm not sure why everyone thinks they're going to be good, but their not. Childress isn't that good of a coach, they have no receivers, their front office and owner both suck and have put together a pretty crappy team.

4. Green Bay (5-11): Bad interior line, bad defense, Favre won't be as bad as last year, but he still won't be that good. Mike McCarthy sucks.

NFC South

1. Carolina (12-4): Great team, Keyshawn and DeAngelo Williams will help their offense.

2. Tampa Bay (10-6) Wild Card: Old defense, but still great. Chris Simms and Cadillac will be good on offense

3. Atlanta (9-7): Michael Vick can't throw, their defense will improve.

4. New Orleans (3-13): Their just a bad team. Reggie Bush will learn that he won't be able to run around in the backfield trying to make a play after losing yards on it many times.

NFC West

1. Arizona (9-7): Yeah, I said Arizona. They were the only team last year with a top 10 offense and defense. Edgerrin James will help their running game, but won't be nearly as good as he was in Indianapolis. Kurt Warner will stay healthy.

2. Seattle (8-8): They will start out strong, but injuries will set in. Superbowl losing curse, Madden curse. (well at least it better happen because I hate seattle)

3. St. Louis (8-8): Still have a great offense, they worked to improve their defense, but it won't be enough.

4. San Francisco (4-12): Alex Smith will be better, but still not that good. Their defense will be a little better but not much.

AFC East

1. New England (11-5): Somehow everyone on their defense is injury prone, but the defense is still decent. Their running game will be back with Lawrence Maroney. Losing Branch and Givens won't affect them that much.

2. Miami (11-5) Wild Card: Culpepper will help their offense a lot. Ronnie Brown will have a great year. Their only problem is their secondary.

3. Buffalo (5-11): Losman will improve, but they have a bad o-line. Their defense is decent. Dick Jauron is not a good coach.

4. New York (4-12): This team is rebuilding, Pennington will get hurt, Ramsey will do amazing when he comes in (and by amazing i mean mediocre). Yeah this team just sucks.

AFC North

1. Cincinnati (12-4): Great and balanced offense, defense will improve.

2. Pittsburgh (11-5) Wild Card: Ben Roethlisberger will have to pass more than he has before, but he can handle it. Great defense.

3. Baltimore (10-6): If McNair stays healthy, which I think he will they will finally have a good offense. Their defense is still top 10.

4. Cleveland (6-10): They will get good eventually, but not this year.

AFC South

1. Indianapolis (11-5): Still a great team, but they will finally have some injuries this year, and they lost some of their best players. Their defense isn't that good.

2. Jacksonville (9-7): Good defense, young offense, but they were the benefit of an easy schedule last year.

3. Houston (5-11): Better coaching this year. I think Kubiak will succeed. This will be Carr's best year of his career because of an improved o-line and better people to throw to.

4. Tennessee (3-13): Very young team, who knows what their doing or thinking with their quarterbacks.

AFC West

1. Denver (12-4): Great offense and defense, Javon Walker will help.

2. San Diego (9-7): Don't have a quarterback on their roster who has started a game. I think Philip Rivers will be good, but he will have some trouble, like any quarterback playing for their first time. If he gets hurt they are really screwed. Tomlinson will still carry the offense.

3. Kansas City (5-11): They lost their coach, the best offensive coordinator in the league, both tackles, and their fullback and they kept their crappy defensive coordinator. Their also a very old team. Why does everyone think they're going to be good?

4. Oakland (4-12): Art Shell hasn't coached in 12 years, but their team has talent. They will be better if Aaron Brooks can get the ball to Moss about 100 times.

NFC Championship: Washington - 27, Carolina - 24
not sure if washington can actually win this game, but I think they'll be there

AFC Championship: Cincinnati - 31, New England - 21

Super Bowl: Washington - 20, Cincinnati - 17
yea I'm biased, but its possible (I hope)

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Re: Prediction Time

Me, I'm not good at predictions, but what I'll do here is simply predict the order each division will finish in.

NFC East
Redskins - I think we made some right moves in the offseason, i'm giving Archuleta this season to prove me wrong in my idea that we didn't need him.
Cowboys - As much as I hate to say this, their defense is young and good, and T.O. will help their offense. I think the Redskins and Cowboys are gonna finish first and second in the division, or the other way around. There are a lot of scenarios that could happen though.
Giants - Their starting linebackers right now are a lot better than what they had last year. Sam Madison is old, but still a quality corner. Eli has yet to look like Peyton. Tiki Barber will carry this offense. I do think they will finish with a winning record too.
Eagles - I like McNabb, I honestly still think he's an elite qb, despite having some shitty ass wideouts. If their defense rebounds from last year, I can see them trading spots with the Giants.

NFC North
Bears - Their defense is one of the best in the NFL. It's good enough to carry this team. Rex Grossman still needs to prove to me that he has what it takes to be a starting qb. But if he gets injured again, Brian Griese will step in and this team won't miss a beat.
Vikings - Brad Johnson is a game manager, much like Mark Brunell. I think the Vikes have enough pieces on this team to make a push for the fifth or sixth slot in the playoffs.
Lions - I really like the moves Marinelli has made so far. He's serious about getting rid of all the slackers in Detroit, and I think in a couple seasons or so, the Lions could make the playoffs again. But since this year is his first, I don't see them having made enough of the right moves to make the playoffs. I could see this team finishing with an 8-8 or 9-7 record.
Packers - Will the real Brett Favre please stand up? Without Javon Walker, it's hard for me to see this offense doing good. Ahman Green is still a quality back when healthy, but he's not good enough to carry this offense. The defense still has a long way to go to be called respectable. I like the Charles Woodson pickup, when healthy he's still a good corner, but he hasn't been healthy as of late.

NFC South
Panthers - Everyone says the Panthers are the class of the NFC, but i'm not buying into all the hype just yet. If this team can stay healthy, i don't see any reason why they won't finish with one of the best records in the NFL. I really like the Keyshawn pickup, much like the Redskins the Panthers didn't have a #2 wideout last year, and Keyshawn is a good possession receiver that will take some heat off Smith. If Deshaun Foster goes does, which there's good odds he will, i could see Williams stepping in and having a Offensive Rookie of the Year type campaign.
Buccaneers - This defense is aging, but they are amongst the league's elite, and they can carry this team. Chris Simms came along nicely last year, and this year he'll continue improving, and they have enough weapons on offense to make the playoffs again.
Falcons - Ron Mexico is a good football player. When it comes to scrambling qb's, there's no one else i'd rather have there. Then again, when it comes to pocket passers, there's probably 31 starting qb's I'd take over him. If he learns to be a true quarterback, I could see this team winning the South. The defense is good enough to get them there.
Saints - This team is rebuilding, and if i was the owner of the Saints, i'm not sure i would've hired Sean Payton. I don't think he has what it takes to be a head coach. I'll give him say, three seasons to prove me wrong and get the Saints into the playoffs. In a year, I think Deuce McAllister will be gone and we'll get to see Reggie Bush.

NFC West
Seahawks - this team has a good defense that shouldn't be overlooked, and they do have the reigning MVP on offense. That said, their schedule is easy enough to get them into the playoffs again.
Cardinals - This prediction comes down to the offensive line. If Arizona's line doesn't suck like it did last year, the Cardinals will easily have one of the top offenses in the NFL. The defense is coming along, at a slow rate, but I think it is improving. If Arizona's o-line holds up, then the offense is good enough to carry this team to at least a .500 record.
Rams - I think this team is in a rebuilding phase. They have a new head coach, a great offense with a young star in Steven Jackson, and the Rams have probably a top 5 receiver tandem in the NFL. That said, I like the moves they made on defense in the offseason, but it's not enough to get this team into the playoffs.
49er's - Bottom of the barrel that is the NFL. They are still 2-3 years away from respectability. Giving away some of your best players doesn't help either. They haven't made any eye popping moves to help the team this offseason either.

AFC East
Patriots - They are the Pats, as we all know, three time Super Bowl champions and all that crap. I don't like their whole policy of not resigning anyone not named Tom Brady. I think this will be the Pats last year on top of their division, next year the Dolphins will win the East.
Dolphins - speaking of Dolphins, Nick Saban has this team headed in the right direction. I think their offense with Culpepper and Ronnie Brown will carry this team. There are some players on defense that aren't getting any younger, and the past two offseasons they've gotten ridden of some good corners in Surtain and Madison. This year won't be the year they get to the top of the East, but next season they will be.
Bills - Honestly, i don't know what to think of this team. In 2004 their defense ranked 2nd. Last year, they dropped horribly to like 29th, or some ish like that. If their defense returns to its 2004 form, they could end up with a decent record. McGahee is still a quality back, and Lee Evans is slowly getting noticed around the league. I don't like their qb situation though. That, if anything, will be the downfall of this team. I think JP Losman is gonna be the next qb in a long line of first round QB busts.
Jets - I think they should've gotten rid of Pennington by now. He was a good qb, two seasons ago before he got consecutive shoulder injuries that ruined his season. They are just beginning the rebuilding phase.

AFC North
Bengals - for me, it's a toss up as to who will win the North between the Bengals, Steelers, and Ravens. I think Carson Palmer showed everyone he can still play qb at an elite level. Their offense is good enough to get them back into the playoffs, and Rudi Johnson is a highly underrated back who nobody pays attention to.
Steelers - They're the reigning SB champions. I don't see them repeating. I do see them making the playoffs though.
Ravens - honestly, i really like the McNair signing. He's hellaciously better than Kyle Boller. That's how much better he is, that I made up a word just to show it. That said, the defense is still the strength of this team, and McNair to Mason will once again be good enough to get this team into the playoffs.
Browns - I really like what Romeo Crennell is doing to this team. That said, they are still a year away from making the playoffs. He's making the right moves, but not enough to scare anyone this year.

AFC South
Colts - They're the Colts. With Peyton, they will make the playoffs, but as we all know, Peyton has a history of choking in the playoffs. Not this year, Colts fans. If Peyton goes down, this team could finish at the bottom of the AFC. Like that will ever happen though.
Jaguars - They had an easy ass schedule last year. The offense isn't scaring anyone, although i like their defense. They'll finish a little above .500 this year.
Titans - I see another below .500 year for them this time around. Jeff Fisher is a great head coach, but they've been getting rid of a lot of talent the last couple of years.
Texans - They've made a couple good moves this offseason, but i bet they wish they drafted Reggie Bush now that Davis is on IR. They are still at least two seasons away from respectability.

AFC West
Broncos - Jake the Snake's time in Denver is almost over. The defense is good enough to carry this team, and anyone they plug in at running back is almost a lock to do well.
Chargers - I think Philip Rivers will become a good qb. This year, he'll look average though, as he's spent the last two seasons riding the bench. The defense looks great, and the offense is awesome too. I almost feel bad for Marty, because i think after this year he's gone.
Chiefs - Honestly, people say all the losses they've had this offseason isn't that bad. Me, I believe it is that bad. They lost Al Saunders, Willie Roaf, Tony Richardson, and I believe that's enough to make their offense not as good as in years past. No way L.J. gets more than 2000 this year. The defense isn't good enough to carry this team either.
Raiders - I don't know if Art Shell is the coach this team needed. All I know is that Aaron Brooks isn't the answer at qb. And as is the case with other teams, their defense isn't good enough to get them into the playoffs either.
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Re: Prediction Time

Originally Posted by skinsfanthru&thru View Post
NFC East: Skins 12-4 / Giants 10-6 / Cowboys 9-7 / Eagles 7-9
NFC South: Falcons 12-4 / Panthers 10-6(wildcard) / Buccaneers 9-7 / Saints 5-11
NFC North: Bears 10-6 / Vikings 9-7 / Lions 6-10 / Packers 4-12
NFC West: Seahawks 11-5 / Cardinals 10-6(wildcard) / Rams 8-8 / 49ers 5-11

AFC East: Patriots 11-5 / Dolphins 11-5(wildcard) / Bills 7-9 / Jets 3-13
AFC South: Colts 11-5 / Jaguars 9-7 / Texans 6-10 / Titans 3-13
AFC North: Bengals 12-4 / Steelers 10-6(wildcard) / Ravens 8-8 / Browns 5-11
AFC West: Chargers 11-5 / Chiefs 10-6 / Broncos 9-7 / Raiders 3-13

Conference Champs: Redskins vs Panthers / Bengals vs Colts
SB Champs: Redskins 31 Bengals 24
you have teams winning 38 times more than they lose

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Re: Prediction Time

Redskins over The Patriots 31 to 27 with Brandon Lloyd catching an amazing catch with 3 & 11 in the forth quater to set up Clinton Portis to punch it in......."Well thats what happen on my Madden Game"
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Uncle Phil
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Re: Prediction Time

My unbiased prediction would probably be Colts 24 Bears 13
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Re: Prediction Time

These are the official predictions after 3 months of adjustments:

The AFC:

Miami Dolphins (11-5)
New England Patriots (9-7)
Buffalo Bills (5-11)
New York Jets (4-12)

Jacksonville Jaguars (12-4)
Indianapolis Colts (9-7)
Houston Texans (8-8)
Tennessee Titans (4-12)

Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4)
Cincinnati Bengals (11-5)
Cleveland Browns (6-10)
Baltimore Ravens (3-13)

Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)
San Diego Chargers (10-6)
Oakland Raiders (7-9)
Denver Broncos (2-14)-OK so I really went over the top with this one. This only happens with substancial injury to the team, even though I don't think they are any good anyway. Getting swept by the Raiders will be a slap in the face.

The NFC:

Washington Redskins (12-4)
Dallas Cowboys (10-6)
New York Giants (9-7)
Philadelphia Eagles (6-10)

Carolina Panthers (12-4)
Atlanta Falcons (10-6)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-7)
New Orleans Saints (7-9)

Chicago Bears (11-5)
Minnesota Vikings (6-10)
Detroit Lions (6-10)
Green Bay Packers (5-11)

Arizona Cardinals (11-5)
San Francisco 49ers (7-9)
Seattle Seahawks (7-9)
St. Louis Rams (3-13)

Write it down, lock it up.
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Re: Prediction Time

The Playoffs:

(5) Bengals over (4) Dolphins
(3) Steelers over (6) Chargers
(6) Cowboys over (3) Cardinals
(4) Bears over (5) Falcons

(1) Jaguars over (5) Bengals
(2) Chiefs over (3) Steelers
(4) Bears over (2) Panthers
(1) Redskins over (6) Cowboys

(2) Chiefs over (1) Jaguars
(1) Redskins over (4) Bears

Super Bowl XLI
Washington Redskins vs. Kansas City Chiefs

It's tradition for me to not pick the Super Bowl. Sorry to disappoint. Use your imagination.
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Re: Prediction Time

KC in the Super Bowl, GTripp you are truly tripping.
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Re: Prediction Time

Originally Posted by hooskins View Post
KC in the Super Bowl, GTripp you are truly tripping.
There's more of that where it came from.

But seriously, why not? The offense is the same offense that was coached by Saunders with the same players who learned from Saunders. Yes, loosing Richardson and Roaf hurt, but you have to think the offense will be just as efficient as it was last year. It's not like Trent Green, Larry Johnson, Eddie Kennison, Gonzo and the like are going to forget everything that Saunders taught them now that hes gone.

On defense, they are nothing if not improved. Their biggest problem was tackling, and tackling is a Herm Edwards staple. He will have it fixed. That defense will force turnovers, and could be in the top ten.

They are a much safer pick than the Broncos, thats for sure.
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Re: Prediction Time

NFC East: Skins 12-4 / Giants 10-6 / Cowboys 9-7 / Eagles 7-9
NFC South: Falcons 11-5 / Panthers 11-5(wildcard) / Buccaneers 9-7 / Saints 5-11
NFC North: Bears 10-6 / Vikings 9-7 / Lions 5-11 / Packers 4-12
NFC West: Seahawks 12-4 / Cardinals 10-6(wildcard) / Rams 8-8 / 49ers 5-11

AFC East: Patriots 10-6 / Dolphins 10-6(wildcard) / Bills 7-9 / Jets 5-11
AFC South: Colts 11-5 / Jaguars 9-7 / Titans 6-10 / Texans 3-13
AFC North: Bengals 12-4 / Ravens 10-6(wildcard) / Steelers 8-8 / Browns 5-11
AFC West: Broncos 10-6 / Chiefs 10-6 / Chargers 9-7 / Raiders 3-13

Conference Champs: Redskins vs Panthers / Ravens vs Colts
SB Champs: Redskins 31 Bengals 24

Pretty much similiar to what you had.I dont expect any team to win more than 13+ games this year unless it is AFC or Skins.
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Re: Prediction Time

NFC East-
1. Redskins 11-5, Defense remains impressive, offense is nearly explosive
2. Eagles 9-7*, Healthy they are still a very solid football team
3. Cowboys 9-7, OL, QB and secondary issues plague Parcells final season
4. Giants 6-10, Have you seen their schedule? 2-8 is possible out of the chute

NFC North
1. Chicaago 10-6, Good team in a very bad division
2. Detroit 8-8, Finally headed the right way
3. Minnesota 8-8, Still a team in disarray
4. Green Bay 4-12, Favre wishes he had stayed in Mississippi

NFC South
1. Carolina 12-4, The class of the NFC dominates the regular season
2. Tampa Bay 10-6*, Maybe the last go round for an aging but still strong D
3. Atlanta 9-7, Again this team under acheives
4. New Orleans 6-10, It's a long road back to .500 but Bush wins ROY

NFC West
1. Seattle 10-6, Good again but not at a Super Bowl level
2. Arizona 8-8, Lack of cohesive play on both lines doom a playoff run
3. St. Louis 8-8, They'll be close in every game but need a defensive playmaker
4. SF 5-11, They still have a long way to go

NFC Playoffs, Seattle beats Philly, Bears beat TB, Redskins beat Bears, Carolina beats Seattle, Carolina beats Redskins in NFC Championship

AFC East
1. Miami 11-5, Culpepper, Brown, Chambers.. The new triplets in the AFC
2. New England 10-6*, Still a solid team with flashes of greatness
3. Buffalo 6-10, Bad offense, barely better than bad defense
4. NY Jets, Eww.

AFC Central
1. Cincinnati 12-4, Palmer has an MVP season returning from injury
2. Pittsburgh 9-7, Typical Super Bowl letdown season
3. Baltimore 8-8, McNair helps some but not enough
4. Cleveland 7-9, They are getting there

AFC South
1. Indianapolis 11-5, SCDY (Same Colts Different Year)
2. Jacksonville 9-7, Tougher schedule has them taking a step back
3. Tennessee 6-10, Vince Young shows flashes of a bright future in TN
4. Houston 3-13, Maybe they won't screw up the #1 pick this time

AFC West
1. SD 11-5, "There's a gleam gentlemen, there's a gleam."
2. Denver 10-6*, The lack of a #1 RB finally hurts Shannahan
3. KC 8-8, Offense will be decent but not great, defense will be ok but not good
4. Oakland 4-12, Art Shell will wish he had stayed in the NFL offices

AFC Playoffs-San Diego beats New England, Indy beats Denver, SD beats Miami, Cincinatti beats Indy, Cincinnati beats San Diego for the AFC Championship

SB XLI-Carolina beats Cincinnati
Paintrain's Redskins Fandom

I'm not dead but this team is dead to me...but now that McCloughan is here they may have new life!

Jay Gruden = Zorny McSpurrier
Kirk Cousins = Next Grossman
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Re: Prediction Time

NFC East
Washington 14-2
Dallas 10-6
Ny Giants 10-6
Philadelphia 2-14

NFC North
Chicago 15-1
Minnesota 8-8
Green Bay 5-11
Detroit 3-13

NFC South
Carolina 13-3
Atlanta 10-6
Tampa Bay 9-7
New Orleans 3-13

NFC West
Seattle 12-4
San Francisco 5-11
Arizona 3-13
St Louis 3-13

AFC East
Miami 12-4
New England 7-9
Buffalo 5-11
Ny Jets 5-11

AFC North
Pittsburgh 12-4
Cincinnati 11-5
Cleveland 5-11
Baltimore 3-13

AFC South
Jacksonville 12-4
Indianapolis 12-4
Houston 3-13
Tennessee 3-13

AFC West
Denver 15-1
San Diego 11-5
Kansas City 11-5
Oakland 3-13
“Don't ask me what I think of you, I might not give the answer that you want me to.”
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