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Tony McGee on Texans Game

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Thank You, Sean.
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Tony McGee on Texans Game

Hey Guys, nice to be back again. I was in Indianapolis earlier this week so I apologize for the delay in talking with you.

As far as the game vs. Houston, we did what we were supposed to do and I canít take anything away from the team last Sunday. We still need things improved, specifically the pass rush. I thought that Mark Brunell did an excellent job of managing the game and they ran the ball better, just like this team was supposed to be doing. The penalties are still bothering me, and itís the same mistakes we saw in the preseason. We can keep saying we werenít using the whole offense or defense in the preseason, but these are some of the same mistakes we were making back then, but this time against Houston.

Mheisig & Canthetuna, I think things were a combination of both the Redskins doing things much better, and the Texans being just that bad. I think the Redskins did things better across the board, but if you put the mistakes they made last week against the Jaguars, Colts or another really good team in the NFL, the results could have been different.

Mooby, Clinton Portis has an immense difference. The on thing I saw with Portis when compared to Betts and Duckett is just the way he runs. He makes such cuts and has such precision that I donít think Betts or Duckett have. To be honest, I think the only person who can make the types of cuts that Portis does in the backfield is Rock Cartwright.

Jbcjr14, I honestly donít think the return of Shawn Springs will have the same effect on the defense that Portisí return had on the offense, at first. When Springs comes back, he is going to have a process of getting back into playing shape and getting comfortable on the field. Itís going to take 2-3 weeks for that to happen. When you look at the defense right now, what you see is what you are going to get. We need to find our best guys in the secondary and make some better stops until Springs has been back for a little while.

FRPLG, only time is going to tell with Derrick Frost. Itís hard to tell what is going to happen, he had some bad punts the first game, but has played well since then. I think time will tell because honestly I did not expect him to have a job this season, but I guess thatís why the coaches are the coaches and saw something in him. But time will tell.

Artmonkdrillz, I think Cooleyís ďabsenceĒ has more to do with the scheme than it does with him not getting open. The only thing I canít understand is that in KC Al Saunders had an all-pro tight end in Gonzales. I donít really understand why he wouldnít want to involve Cooley the same way. Truth be told though, Cooley will have to be more involved.

Gmanc711, as far as what we have to do to win SundayÖ run the ball well, protect the passer and eliminate penalties. Itís as simple as that.

Thank you very much guys. Sorry for the quick chat, but Iím getting on a plane back home. Iíll talk to you guys after Jacksonville.

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