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Born a redskin fan

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Camp Scrub
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Cool Born a redskin fan

Hello all. I am skins ’91. I wanted to introduce myself by telling how I first became a redskins fan. My dad (who is a skins fan) took my mom (who was pregnant with me) to a redskins game in 1987. They were playing the Eagles in the playoffs. After they saw there team losing, the Eagles fans began to get rowdy and throw things in the stands as well as on the field. My dad, being concerned for my mom, decided to take her and leave the game before it ended. A month after the redskins won the Super Bowl, I was born. This is how I became a redskins fan and an eagle hater.

So tell me how you guys became redskins’ fans.
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Camp Scrub
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Re: Born a redskin fan

Hail to that! That is almost impossible to top! My story is not nearly as interesting. After church on sundays(live in Phx so who would be playing in the afternoon) my parents paid enough attention to throw me in front of a TV. Well, guess who was running anywhere he wanted in the early and throughout the '80's, yup 44. well that's my story you can fill in the blanks.

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Re: Born a redskin fan

Skins 91, welcome to the site, I am glad you picked thewarpath, all the guys here are really nice, and dont worry if you feel left out, or even like everyone here is agaisnt you. Alot of the guys have been on this site soo long, they almost forget when they were the ones to first join a forum, and how that feels. It's kinda tough to post your first thread too, bc alot of the times, the vets on this site will jump all over you. This whole thing kinds goes out to newbs in general.

Anyways, my parents came to Fairfax VA in '87, I must have been three months old. They actually did not understand football at all, but were watching the SuperBowl, because some local team, called the Washington Redskins was playing. So we won that year, my parents loved it, so Skins games have been on every Sunday since 87 at my place. It is not even like my parents raised me to be a Skins fan, I just always say them play, and I picked them up. I actually did not become a fan, because the Skins were winning. When I actually started understanding football, the Skins started sucking, but I stuck with them.
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Re: Born a redskin fan

The Redskins defeated the Bears and Vikings in the playoffs on their way to winning SB 22. They defeated the Eagles 34-24 in their Home Opener September 13 and lost 27-31 at Philly on November 8. It's a good story, though. Perhaps he was thinking of a different game. The Redskins did play the Eagles in the playoffs in 1990, winning 20 - 6. They also won 21 - 14 at Philly in the final regular season game of December 21 1986, the year they lost to the Giants in the NFC Championship game. That may well be the game.
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Re: Born a redskin fan

Born('76) in Northern VA and a product of Redskins fans, I remember playing in the backyard and imitating monk, riggins, theismann, etc. I remember watching all 3 superbowl wins, with '91 of course more vivid than '82. Fast forward to 3 years ago when I bought season tickets from my brothers friend. (1st year of Gibbs return). Then in Jan of '05 my grandfather passed left his grandchildren with a small amount of money. About a month later I got an email from the skins selling season tickets. Yea you can figure out the rest, I got a tour of FedEx, got to hand pick the seats, and now here we are. Go Skins.
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Re: Born a redskin fan

Born burgundy and gold. My father is season ticket holder since 1956.
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Old 10-01-2006, 07:29 AM   #7
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Re: Born a redskin fan

born a skins fan. started in 1970 when mr lombardi arrived. man its been alot of good football with alot of peeks and valleys
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Re: Born a redskin fan

My first recollection of who was coaching the skins was jack pardee. we went 6-10. then i think the following year in came mr gibbs and the rest is history.
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Re: Born a redskin fan

Lived in D.C. all my life and didn't really start getting into the Redskins until the end of Pardee/start of Gibbs era.

My greatest Redskins moment, I was at the NFC Championship game against Dallas - cold as a mutha! Dexter Manley knocked Danny White out of the game, the crowd goes absolutely nuts!!! His replacement Gary Hogeboom (Survival loser!) get's intercepted by Darryl Grant near the end zone for a TD score. I have never, ever seen or experienced anything like RFK on that day! The videos do it no justice.

John Riggins TD run against Miaimi in the Super Bowl was a close second as far as memories go.
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