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Where is Ramsey?

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Where is Ramsey?

Originally Posted by offiss View Post
After watching and listening to Gibbs the last 2 plus seasons I would't trust a thing he say's, if you forget he was a 3 time SB champ, then he would be in the process of being torn apart by this board and every other one as well like a school of piranhas, Gibbs is getting by on reputation and reputation alone right now.
Hmm. I can't remember Gibbs making a mistake since his return. He made the QB switch away from Brunell when he needed to. I might agree with you that he took away Ramsey's last chance to become a QB in this offense, but based on past history, there was no reason to assume he would. Anyway, he brought back Brunell and the offense improved greatly, and we ended up in the playoffs. I would have never made the decision to bring Brunell back after 2004 unless I was there at practice and saw vast improvement...like someone like Gibbs was. I think sometimes he gets too conservative on 4th downs sometimes, but outside of that stylistic 'flaw', if you will, Gibbs has yet to make a bad decision on his return.

Basically, Ramsey was a player projected to be very average, and he played very average. He only would have been a star if Gibbs decided that his system could make him a star, and based on what happened, I think it's safe to say Gibbs made the right decision to bring back Brunell. He's been a top 12 passer in the NFL since 2005 and thats really all you can ask for.

As for Gibbs, since he came back, he's had two trys to get a franchise that had struggled over the past 5 years or so back to the playoffs, and he did once. Whether or not he gets them back there this season should have no bearing on the fact that he got them to the playoffs last year, against all odds.
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Re: Where is Ramsey?

Moon could put up the yards. He had a real bad habit of throwing it to the wrong color in clutch situations.
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Re: Where is Ramsey?

you can't ignore the similarities between the ramsey and campbell situations. They are both not in there for the same reason, turnovers. Too bad our offensive 3 and outs are just as bad as turnovers. Gibbs wouldnt put in ramsey unless brunell got hurt, same thing with campbell.
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