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Prisco Rates Top 50 Players

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Old 06-16-2004, 10:47 AM   #16
Mr. Brightside
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Originally Posted by diehardskin2982
These ratings to me are crap. with pressure Manning was destroyed... but i guess that what you get from the same guy who thinks the skins should of picked kw over Taylor. Brady should be #1 no question because regaurdless he has won to superbowls within 3 years, respect the wins please. the guy knows how to win. Vick should be in the top ten. Andre Johnson on this list is a joke hell he didn't even win rookie of the year and coles is was the best pick up of the season in the nfl period

Manning was a monster in the playoffs, except for one game in a blizzard. People have off games sometimes, look at what Manning has done throughout his career, the consisteny, the yards, the completion %, how can you say he isnt the best? I see that Brady is a winner, and he is a good QB, but i dont see him as being the best
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Old 06-16-2004, 10:55 AM   #17
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That seems more like it. Priest has scored almost 40+ tds in two seasons, just remarkable. I love the way Ray Lewis plays, I think LaVar has shown that he can be that kind of player.

Peyton has to be on top. The Patriots made everyone look bad last season, hence the SB title. But you have to admit that he looked scary good in his first two playoff wins.
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Old 06-16-2004, 10:56 AM   #18
Mr. Brightside
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finally some agreement
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Originally Posted by Norman_Einstein

Where would you recommend getting fantasy info? I have tried www.profantasysports.com and they seem okay...but I haven't seen many other alternatives.
Sorry I just saw this post. I STRONGLY recommend the Football Guys.


I have no affiliation with them. but they are by far the best I have seen over the years. They leave their picks for you to go back and evaluate (that is how confident they are). There is a massive amount of info there all during the season. Right now they are sending out free daily news emails. LOTS of articles - they just give you the highlights followed by their take on it's fantasy consequences. Check it out - all free right now. They even have indepth info on "individual defensive players" if your league uses them.

One very nice feature is during the season, they rate the players at each position based on everything imaginable for that week's contest. They are not perfect, but far better than anyone else's. Great for helping with lineup decisions. They update them several times during the week leading up to gameday.
John Shaffer
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