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Week 12 picks

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 11-23-2006, 11:06 AM   #1
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Week 12 picks

Man was I hot last week 12 - 4 straight up, 12 -4 against the spread and 8 - 8 Over/ under Great week let's hope I stll got it this week

This is the biggest year where parity in the NFL has shown everyweek there are a couple of upsets. Man and what's up with the NFC EAST it has turn to a morgue, and the NFC West it's a Joke sometimes I hate the system that good teams miss the Playoffs but mediocare teams in a mediocare division get's in.

Anyway on with the picks


Miami at Detroit 2.5 39

There's has been a long time since Detroit acctually had an advantage at turkey Day this game probably i the most important game on Harringtons career and he comes with the Hot team also he's used to the short week take miami

Straight: MIA
Over/Under: OVR

Tampa Bay at Dallas -11 39

Another team that's Hot right now Tampa barelly escaped Was htey've lost their best Pass rusher for the season the spread is high but dallas will cover it's all about the D.

Straight: DAL
Spread: DAL
Over/Under: OVR


Denver comes from a tough loss against SD, KC barely beat Oak, Denver played on Turkey day last year they know what's comming I go for the upset Green isn't 100% yet.

Straight: DEN
Spread: DEN
Over/Under: OVR

Arizona at Minnesota -6.5 39

what a boring matchup who care who wins really spread to high

Straight: Min
Spread: Ari
Over/Under: Und

Carolina at Washington 4.5 36

Campbell played way better than I expected specially with the weapons he was given. Carolina is just in a better place right now and this time of years it's when you just have to go with who's hot.

Straight: Car
Spread: Car
Over/Under: OVR

Cincinnati at Cleveland 3 43

Cleveland it's fighting each week and if the spread was a little higher i would had taken them Cinncinati it's finally finding their groove Take Chad

Straight: Cin
Spread: Cin
Over/Under: OVR

Houston at New York Jets -5.5 40

Both teams are playing tough but that houston D is awfull I still can't believe Losman thore them appart.

Straight: NYJ
Spread: NYJ
Over/Under: OVR

Jacksonville at Buffalo 3 36

Jax is on a role trying to sneek in the playoffs

Straight: Jax
Spread: Jax
Over/Under: Und

New Orleans at Atlanta -3 47.5

Would we see a revenge I don't think so M. Vick it's still on controls I just don't like NO defense the've given to many points lately, but Brees whant's this more

Straight: NO
Spread: NO
Over/Under: Und

Pittsburgh at Baltimore -3 38

Will Bal make it 5 in a row I think so and with this Pit season is over

Straight: Bal
Spread: Bal
Over/Under: Und

San Fransico at St Louis -6 44.5
i jsut don't get vegas somethimes SF is comming on a 3 game winning streak and playing awsome defense StL is comming of a 5 game losing streak and they're the favorites with a huge spread take the hot

Straight: SF
Spread: SF
Over/Under: OVR

Oakland at San Diego - 13 43

LT it's playing in a league of his own okland it's playing each game close but they havent face a team with so many O weapons I just don't see it

Straight: SD
Spread: SD
Over/Under: Und

Chicago at New England -3 36.5

Lovie vs Bellichick can it get better I take the 3 rings

Straight: NE
Spread: NE
Over/Under: OVR

New York Giants at Tennessee 3 42.5

V.Young it's carring thsi team to victory Eli is dragging them to the floor but I just don't see them losing 3 games in a row

Straight: NYG
Spread: NYG
Over/Under: OVR

Philadelphia at Indianapolis - 9 44

They could had put college type of spread adn I still would had taken Indianapolis

Straight: Ind
Spread: Ind
Over/Under: OVR

Green Bay at Seattle -10 45 UPSET OF THE WEEK

Man I can believe i look foward mroe to the Sunday Night games than the Monday night ones who ever decided that each team msot at least play 1 MNF each season has to get shot.

Straight: GB
Spread: GB
Over/Under: OVR
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Old 11-23-2006, 12:37 PM   #2
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Re: Week 12 picks

dboyz, i have enjoyed your picks all season. this is a monstrous game for Dallas. they have been alittle inconsistent. with the long layoff after a short workweek, if they lose, that could be devastating
"It's better to be quiet and thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt."
courtesy of 53fan
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Old 11-23-2006, 01:00 PM   #3
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Re: Week 12 picks

yeah the short week hasn't been good to us in recnt years 1 -2 with Parcell but we haven't had that good of a team and last year agains a way better team that Denver was we almost took the W and we should have if we didn't had a kicker taht missed a couple of 30 yard fieldgoals.

But Tampa is in no way in the league of denver.

I don't know if it will be devastating because our division right now it's really ups for grabs and even if we lose wich I think will be hard against tampa we play NY next week so if we lose and NY wins this week and we beat them next week we're back there at the top.
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