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Tony McGee Reaction to Tampa Bay

Redskins Locker Room

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Thank You, Sean.
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Tony McGee Reaction to Tampa Bay

Hello Everyone! Just want to start out by wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving and Holiday Season coming up. I wish things were better for us as a team, but I hope everyone enjoys the time they have with their families.

I thought that the game in Tampa was an embarrassment. It was mistake filled, same things coming back and causing us to lose, just embarrassing. I donít understand why the Redskins are not using TJ Duckett, he has had some great runs and they continue not to use him. The only positive was the play of Jason Campbell. He did very well for his first time out he showed that he had a good arm, he threw balls into tight spaces. He is going to continue to grow and I think heíll have a great season down the stretch. The real test comes for him next year, when teams will have film on him and can better prepare. As for this performance, Iíd give him an minimum of a B, if not higher. The fact that he did that without a running game is even more impressive.

This brings me to my next point, I donít understand why the Redskins arenít establishing a running game, they donít even try. I have a very big problem with that, especially when we are going with a young QB. Really there isnít a whole lot to say that is any different than whatís happened this year so far. Its to the point where you almost have to be at a loss for words.

Going into the off-season, many things need to be looked at. The line backing core may need to be looked at outside of Marcus Washington. The secondary MUST be evaluated, although I think Shawn Springs is doing a great job coming back from his injury. Thatís an injury and rehab that a lot of guys would have been out for the season for, and he is playing at a very high level right now as well. The defensive line has played terribly, I like the two younger guys that they drafted last season, but the unit is generating no pass rush, and is being rushed on now too.

Going into Carolina, my only hope is that they run the ball 40 times with TJ Duckett seeing 20-25 of those carries. Bottom line.

Guys I hope you have a great holiday and I look forward to talking to you next week.

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