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So Will We Have The Money For Betts????

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: So Will We Have The Money For Betts????

Originally Posted by onlydarksets View Post
You can't trade him now - I'm talking about signing him so that we could trade him after the season. If we let him walk, we get nothing. It doesn't have to be a bidding war - Snyder can afford to pay a little premium on Betts now in order to be able to trade him for something down the road. It's better than nothing.
If we sign him and trade him, we eat his entire signing bonus under the 07 cap (or we can split it with 08, our choice). It makes little sense to sign him and then turn around and deal him. If you give him the bonus, you might as well play him.

We could give him a one year deal with no signing bonus, but he's not going to sign a deal that makes it easy for us to trade him if he can just sign somewhere else.

If you let him walk, you get nothing, but you also stay out of an even worse situation with the cap, which should be our goal next year.
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Re: So Will We Have The Money For Betts????

Originally Posted by NFLNetwork View Post
With every game (especially today against the falcons) Ladell Betts' value on the Free Agent market grows. Will we be able to retain him with a contract offer??? By the end of the year, he may have close to 1,000 yards. That would make him a hot commodity considering he's a great pass catching back as well.
We shoudl not keep both betts and portis- unless he comes on the cheap- which he won't. he's gonna want to be someone's starter. the skins are portis' show...too much ego adn too mcuh salary in this town for 2 starters. Here's an idea, save the money and spend it on needs...or let portis go (tough to do) and do the same thing...we dont need both.

we aren't talking an antonio pierce situation here...who was the key to the D, we are talking about a back up RB (with talent)- but we already have a very capable starter...Betts is great, but we should not keep both.
Portis should only need a brief spell from a game- not to split time
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