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Redskin History

Sorry youngsters. I really wish you guys could understand what J. Gibbs and the Redskins are all about. I see all the arguements and even a mention of Bobby B from time to time. I envy you guys yet feel sorry for you at the same time. We had some of the greatest years as Skins fans, yet it makes this even more frustrating,(coaches upon coaches) pulling our hair out. I for 1, lived in Woodbridge VA when little Dan brought the BIG man back. I hugged my wife with a tear rolling down my cheeck and said "We are gonna win again baby". Of course she had no idea what i was talkin about but hugged me as hard as she could. That press conference was...well ...let's just say....was as emotional as hugging my cousins after SB XXVI. I will not claim Skins fans, as an entity, are family...But ....No1 can ever take that late Jan night(i think it was still Jan back then in 91') from us. Or even compare! NOT X-MAS....NOT T-GIVING ....NOT funerals in our long MacGregor family from Stafford Va.... compares to what we felt and shared that wonderful night!!! I wish you young guys, have some family, (especially hooskins) can experience that some day.
FYI!!!! My cousin was so broke his car was being reposessed in 1987....YET, .....He told his brother,(2 of the best people on the face of this earth) get on the plane with me, We're going to SD !!! He spent 800 bucks for tickets on the Goaline in the airport when they arrived in San Diego....If that AINT Family then i dont want 1!!!. Needless to say...Denver scored 10 points right in front of them the 1st Qrt.....Then Doug scored 35 baby.........and Timmy smith scored the last 4th qtr TD!!! EVERY point scored right b4 their eyes. Those two are my cousins, my best friends in life. The Redkins are what brings us together every Sunday, and if that's not what the Redskins mean to Your LIFE, then i only hope someday it will!! Love ya guys ....Hope Soup has some good games b4 season's end.
"Where's Ricky sanders?" ..Ronald Reagan
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