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Larger Signing Bonuses = decreased player production

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 12-04-2006, 11:20 AM   #1
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Larger Signing Bonuses = decreased player production

I just wanted an opiion from the readers - do you think the large signing bonuses given out to players makes most of these players less productive? When I look at the players the Skins signed that contain large signing bonuses most of them seem to become flops.

Case in point - here is a list of players the Redskins signed to bid deals that contained huge signing bonuses in recent years that are in my opinion flops:

Current players: Adam Archuletta, Brandon Lloyd, Andre Carter, ARE (for the amount of money we gave him the production is not there)

Former players: Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, Jeremiah Trotter, Jeff George

Here are players that have actually done well with the large bonuses: Moss, Portis, Springs, Marcus Washington, Griffin

Maybe I left out some, but it looks like it is about 50-50 that these players don't do as well as billed. With the amount of cap space that these players salaries take - wouldn't it be more prudent to forgo the high profile signings and look to the draft/less prominent free agents for players who will works their guts off to get the next big contract? It just seems like basic human nature that when you give someone a huge signing bonus most will naturally laugh all the way to the bank because even if you cut them they still have their money. Why haven't the Redskins figured this out yet?
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Re: Larger Signing Bonuses = decreased player production

I think we just give big sigining bonuses to players who we use improperly. Theres your correlation, but there is no causation.
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Old 12-04-2006, 11:32 AM   #3
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Re: Larger Signing Bonuses = decreased player production

The way to land FAs is to load on the signing bonus. We usually get our man because of this. The problem isn't the bonus, it's the scouting, IMO. AA never should have been given that offer--I don;t think he began to suck after he got the check. I'm ok with ARE and I think the jury is out on LLoyd (the whole offense has been spotty, especailly with MB throwing the 2 yard out to Ladell over and over). Carter looked a lot better in the last few games (11 tackles and a sack yesterday, though he gets run over in the run game at times.)
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Re: Larger Signing Bonuses = decreased player production

The problem with the huge signing bonuses is that it makes it very difficult for players to ever out perform their contract. The skins always seem to have players that play way below their contract while consistent championship contenders seems to find players that consistently outperform their contract.
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