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Doc Walker

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Old 12-07-2006, 10:59 PM   #31
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Re: Doc Walker

Originally Posted by Grim21Reaper View Post
Beasts, no disrespect but you aren't talking about the Washington Redskins. We can't afford two QBs? What happened last year when we needed a receiver? We bought two for 30 million a pop. With a few moves we will have plenty of cap space. Next about the draft picks. They don't care how many draft picks they used on him. If what you said was true, they would have started him in week one. They do not care about draft picks period. Spend wisely? Really, what team are you talking about?
We'd have to restructure alot of contracts to get Byron and adress all our other needs, realistically we could afford Byron, but only without adressing our other needs. Never has Joe Gibbs experienced busts such as these, and he is a reasonable man so he will learn from his mistakes and be more careful before making his next move. Also, Jay Cutler is to the Broncos as Matt Leinart is to the Cardinals as Vince Young is to the Titans as Alex Smith is to the 49ers as Jason Campbell is to the Skins, none of them started in week one, (except for Alex) but all of them are "the guy" of their team, the QB for at least the next few years.
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Re: Doc Walker

It doesn't make sense to get another immobile QB, who has a thing for getting injured
Back like a spinal tap
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Old 12-08-2006, 02:44 PM   #33
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Re: Doc Walker

Originally Posted by Jamaican'Skin View Post
It doesn't make sense to get another immobile QB, who has a thing for getting injured
finally, the voice of reason
"It's better to be quiet and thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt."
courtesy of 53fan
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Old 12-08-2006, 02:47 PM   #34
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Re: Doc Walker

Originally Posted by VTSkins897 View Post
is leftwich even any good. i mean he's okay but i definitely don't want to see him here. he'll probably be asking for a lot too.

the question is, are we going to pay the man like we normally do?
Leftwich is better than any QB the skins have had since Mark Rypien. He's a proven winner, with a rifle arm, however, his short passes are his weakness and he takes too long to get them off, Doesn't cator to AS's offense. With that said, he's a clutch QB, who can bring you back late in the game, and he's a great character, definitely a Gibbs guy. If Gibbs really does want to win next year he will bring him in, if he wants the franchise to win in years to come, he will stick with Jason. I'm fine with either decision, this whole "we invested draft picks in Jason so we must stick with him" is not logical. Those lost picks are a SUNK COST, so it makes no difference where we go from here regarding them. I think Jason has the tools, so depending on his performance in the last four games, Gibbs will make his decision. Unless you truly believe that gibbs will sit through a "development" season of struggles with Campbell at QB in '07. I really don't know what I want Gibbs to do regarding this issue, but I do know that you don't wanna mess around when it comes to the QB position. You gotta make bold decisions and stick with them.
Dan Snyder is a Cancer, Joe Gibbs is the Cure
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Old 12-08-2006, 02:53 PM   #35
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Re: Doc Walker

Why blame Doc for making such "bold" statements. We are talking about the Redskins our season begins in the off season so far we are off season superbowl champs for 7 straight years. I wonder why he made such a bold prediction...Look at our history. You can call me 1am tonight hey Gibbs quit and Mike Dika is taking over the remainder of the season and I would be like does not surprise me. Or we just gave Warrick Holdman a contract extension based apon his proper head placement while getting trucked by a wide reciever taking the proper angle.
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