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Gibbs Ii In My View

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Re: Gibbs Ii In My View

Originally Posted by GTripp0012 View Post
I would argue that Gibbs isn't any worse of a coach persay, but I think there are a lot more quality coaches in the NFL today than there were during his first stint. So in turn, he is not the league's best coach anymore and he gets outcoached sometimes.
I totally agree. He got out coached on all but two games this year.
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Re: Gibbs Ii In My View

Originally Posted by #56fanatic View Post
I would have to agree that Gibbs is still a great coach, motivator (proof of last years run). I dont agree that he will be a great front office person. I think the 3 years he has called the shots has been shaky. Some have worked out, but more have not. I dont put the blame on Gibbs for all the moves. GW is to blame for quite a few. (Champ, LaVar,Clark,Pierce,Smoot) all those guys were "replaceable" to him and I think our D has paid the price. Letting him pick his players is a big mistake for someone of his ego, where its the system not the players. I believe Gibbs understands that a GM is needed, NOT Vinny!! Gibbs is a great coach, but his GM skills seems to be in question. Talent evaluation is huge now a days and our 2nd day draft picks have been pretty lame. In the 3 years of Gibbs 2, I thought their may be more stability in player personel, but not really. We have had 3 starting QB's in 3 years. a rotation at the WR position, Defensive line, LB and our secondary has been a rotation of players. I dont care how much you spend, and what the expected production of players are when you bring them in. If you have no chemistry, or familiarity with the players you are playing with, your team suffers. As in the case this year.
My opinion, that is all.
I think you summarized it perfectly. My opionion is if there is any way the Skins can get Scott Pioli from the Patriots to be our GM and give him true decision making capability that would really help out but too bad the PAts won't let him go.

In addition
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Re: Gibbs Ii In My View

Bottomline Gibbs is a winner always has been, always will be. He has always surronded himself around very talented people in everything he does. I can see next year being a playoff run followed by the next challenging for home field advantage. I think one of 2 things could happen after his contract expires 1. coaching another 2 years or 2. Just staying in the front office and making sure his vision is comlpete. I dont think he will go back to Nascar so quick. His son JD is doing a very good job there. I still cant beleive that he came back.
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Re: Gibbs Ii In My View

Joe gibbs hasn't changed at all...these players today know nothing about hard work! They have shit handed to them the day they enter the NFL...Joe Theisman didn't drive a BMW to practice in his day and Brett Farve when he first entered the NFL he drove the truck that his pops gave him in high school!

Today These guys get a new car as soon as they get in the nfl...what is that crap? Endorsements and all that stuff, reggie bush signs a 25million dollar contract...Anyone know what Riggos contract was when he was with the jets!? I know Monk didnt just come in the NFL making all that money.
What Im getting at is these players are not playing with the heart there predecesors did You play harder when you don't have s**t.
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