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The Portis move in hindsight

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: The Portis move in hindsight

Originally Posted by Mattyk72 View Post
Just to be clear I'm not trying to suggest I think we would be better off without Portis, that wasn't my point of this thread at all, though it seems to have gone that route.

I was simply wondering what Gibbs would have done if he had known what he had in Betts prior to making the move. Would he had still made the move?
Good point , too bad you have to explain it again . We could have traded bailey < if he wanted out > for multiple draft picks and drafted another back , an O lineman and used our 2nd on the DL .The Texans traded two 2nd rd picks for CB Buchanan<who sucks > we couldn't have got more for Bailey ? We could have signed a rb if F/a and saved that pick . I also like CP , but he has not been a dominant back in Washington . How many times has he run for over 140 yds in a game ? How many times has he failed on short yardage ? I think he is a heck of a back , maybe a better passing game would give him more big runs , but as of now ,,, he aint no LT or LJ or S. Alexander . As far as Denver , they have had 3 RB's over 1,500 yds , and T. Bell was on pace for 1,600 yds last yr before he got hurt. Not saying Portis is not a great back ,but we could have made a better deal .
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Re: The Portis move in hindsight

Originally Posted by budw38 View Post
Yeah , NOBODY ever finds good talent after rd 1 ! Give most teams a 3rd and two 4th round picks and they will find starters , Patriots , Steelers , Colts , Bengals ,Ravens ect . We could have easily built a top 5 - 10 defence with the 2nd - 4th rd picks we let go the last few years . Cb Marshall 2nd T Trueblood 2nd , De's Canty< UVA > 4th rd , Dummerville ,4th , Anderson 4th , Adeyandji 4thDt cofield 4th.too many lost opprotunities to list Couldn't we have traded Bailey for a 1st and a 3rd rd pick , after all we gave up two 2nd rd picks for Rocky , and two picks for Loyd and Bailey is much better than both of them combined .
Yeah, that's what I said...what I said was the Skins don't find a whole lotta starters out of later picks. I actually supported with facts about the Redskins, not the rest of the league. I don't think giving away draft picks is a good idea. What I said was that the Skins gave away the 2 because they weren't gonna get Champ back. Oh and btw, they built a top 5-10 defense without the damn picks! Until this season at least. I love how now all of a sudden they should have used those picks on the defensive side of the ball. Anyone know what was wrong with the team when Champ left? Pretty much everything. Somehow, I doubt that they would have drafted all defenders with those picks. Also, I see that you didn't name 1 starter the Skins have found in a round after 1 in that post...Why? They apparently don't scout well, or don't even try.
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Albert Connell is perhaps the worst Redskin I ever had the misfortune of meeting. He's the kind of guy that makes media people covering their favorite team growing up no longer like that team
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