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How about time management??

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: How about time management??

I also think that too often just before halftime, Gibbs would call for a draw when there was plenty of time left and he was either trailing, or holding on to a slim lead.

You have to hit them with everything you've got, and ever since Gibbs came back, it just seemed like he's been playing it too safe.
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Re: How about time management??

Originally Posted by freddyg12 View Post
At first it was bad due to Gibbs' return, learning the new tools of the trade, etc., now I think it's suffered due to coaching & qb changes. Hopefully that 1 year was all we needed to get this O down & we'll see a more efficient team in 07. They will have time to work w/JC on 2 minute O in the offseason, but probably didn't this year. Seems like something you can work on in preseason games.
Keep in mind that time mgmt. is much more difficult in this era than it was in Gibbs' 1st, plus he had one of the best 2 minute qb's ever IMO, Joe T. Back then the play clock was longer & there was less technology to get in the way.

Remember though the Redskins did not want to "show" any of their playbook in preseason - this probably included thier 2 minute offense.
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Re: How about time management??

Originally Posted by Paintrain View Post
LOL, good one.. Anyone else envision this conversation happening on 4th and short during the 35 second play clock?

Saunders-4th and one we're going for it!
Gibbs-Hold on, maybe we should kick.
Gibbs-Joe, it's 2006 Riggins isn't here.
Jack Burns-Can I say something?
Saunders-15 seconds left, we need to call something.
Don Breaux-Can I say something?
Duckett-Coach put me in!
Gibbs-Are you still here?
Duckett-Sorry, I'll go back and sit with Archuleta.
Saunders-5 seconds coach, make a call!
Campbell-Dammit, timeout ref.
Gibbs-Field goal.
Great post!

In addition to all the coaches listed above, do the Redskins still have someone that is solely dedicated to reply challenge? I remember the last couple of years this was an issue but I actually think their challenges have been good this year.
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