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NFC East Champ?

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Old 01-30-2007, 12:38 PM   #76
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Re: NFC East Champ?

I heard that to. ESPN was saying it was a token move and they had their man in Norv. They might anounce as early as tomorrow. You know JJ wants to take full advantage of the SB coverage. The interview would help Singletary polish his int skills, but................
ESPN also reports that T. Aikman is lobbying hard for Norv
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Re: NFC East Champ?

Originally Posted by GTripp0012 View Post
Well, it's not like Garcia was a replacement level QB either. This season he played slightly worse than McNabb did, and McNabb was in the midst of his best season as a pro before the injury.

One thing you get with Garcia that you don't get with McNabb is consistency. McNabb can have stretches of games where he can go 3 and a half quarters making poor reads, overthrowing guys, and not doing the things with his legs that he's capable of. He has other games where he comes out of the gate in the zone and posts ridiculous numbers. It's a lot like Grossman in Chicago, but McNabb rarely gets picked even on his bad days (this is probably mostly an experience thing, but also McNabb is fortunate that his poorly thrown incompletions fall harmlessly to the turf whereas Grossman's find a way into the hands of a defensive back). All in all it averages out to a pretty good QB. But the Eagles as a team probably aren't too much better off offensively with Donovan than with Garcia; it's splitting hairs.

Kearse is...overrated. They let Derrick Burgess walk to make room for Kearse, and Burgess is probably the better player.

If the only thing that mattered was starting lineups, we are probably better than Philly. But they do a great job rotating in fresh defensive talent, and are built to deal well with injuries, and in an imperfect world like the NFL have a great chance to finish better than us.
Before McNabb got hurt he was having a great year w/out TO. No QB is perfect.
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Re: NFC East Champ?

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
Before McNabb got hurt he was having a great year w/out TO. No QB is perfect.
Of course not. I'm picking the Eagles to win the division next year, but quarterback play is not the reason. They had a good QB play all of last year. McNabb was on a torrid pace in the first six weeks, but cooled as the season went on, ultimately being knocked out. Garcia comes right in and theres no significant dropoff at the QB position. They will have a better QB playing next year, and I really don't think the ACL injury will be a factor.

I was just trying to point out that as good as McNabb can be at times, when he simply does no wrong, Andy Reid's offense can really struggle when McNabb isn't feeling it. They just won't be able to put a drive toghether for more than half a game. A player can't always rely on one quarter making up for three quarters of poor play.

In the game against TB last year, he was picked twice for TD's and directed an offense that scored 7 points in Tampa through 52 mins. On the other side of the field, Gradkowski had done nothing all day offensively, but his team was up 20-0. McNabb, as he is paid to do, scored on 3 consecutive drives against some really shoddy Buccaneer defense, but sometimes it's too little too late. Great quarter, but it only took the Bucs a minute to get to the 45 yard line, and some tough luck with Matt Bryant hitting a 62 yarder cost them the game. Good work by McNabb to bring them back, but when you don't show up for the first 3 quarters, the games probably not going to end in your hands.

I was just pointing out how thats not a problem with Garcia. Garcia never takes 3 quarters to get going.

I DON'T think Philly is a SB team next year, just the best team in the East.

McNabb's a pretty good QB in his prime, but I think Jason Campbell is going to be better, maybe as soon as 2008.
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Re: NFC East Champ?

One change makes a huge difference: have a solid #1 corner every week. When Springs was in there everyone was playing their position. When he was out everybody looked out of position. There's no comparison. (I can't imagine a bigger disaster for the team.)
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