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Arrington Grievence

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Old 07-10-2004, 08:37 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by sportscurmudgeon

You are absolutely correct that the arbitrator did not make a decision in the Terrell Owens case. However, the end result is that TO became a free agent which is what most folks here said would NEVER happen because he had no case.
Actually, they (not-so) simply redid the trade that sent him to the Ravens. Baltimore got their picks back, plus another, San Fran got players, and Philly got TO. Owens and Joseph dropped their grievance because they got what they wanted. Baltimore, though they lost TO, might not have had him in uniform anyway, so the extra pick was fine. San Fran got stuff, but who cares - they are going to absolutely blow this year.
There's nowhere to go but up. Or down. I guess we could stay where we are, too.
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none of us really know every little detail in whats going on but its a fan perogative to have an opinion on the situation. just because some people choose to speculate and form opinions based on the facts given doesn't make them "dumbasses". For the most part I know I for one just wanted TO to get some karmic justice and had some wishful thinking that he wouldn't wind up with a team I hate.

In the end hopefully this all gets worked out because Arrington has expressed his desire to remain with the team no matter what the results are and if he keeps playing well for the Redskins we all know Snyder will remain generous with the contracts. I know I personally feel from whats been written and said, this falls on the shoulders of Arrington and the Postons'. I just find it incredibly hard to believe a business man as smart as Snyder, who is bound and determined for the Redskins to be successful again, would metaphorically stab his team's most popular active player in the back especially since he's shown that he has no problem spending money to try and get results.
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