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How does our defense work?

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: How does our defense work?

Actually last year it didn't work! It's currently broken! Hopefully with Landry and 2nd yr McIntosh it will be fixed this season and get back to 2005 form.
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Re: How does our defense work?

Originally Posted by Rajmahal33 View Post
Griffin will be healthy and so will big joe at least for the beginning of the season (keeping fingers crossed). If they can hold up for one more year golston and montomery might be far enuff along to step in there next year. Carter can rush well if he maintains his late season form and Daniels doesn't flat out suck, he is just aging. With the LB's that we have i think we could move to a 3-4 scheme, where carter is more naturally fit for. However, I dont think williams is willing to change from a 4-3. I just hope Landry pans out cuz we could have REALLY used a top D-lineman this year!
Carter struggled in the 3-4 in San Fran, which is one of the reasons he came to D.C. It isn't so easy to just transition to the 3-4 scheme as it requires specialized players. At this point the Skins would lack many parts (including a big nose tackle, big D Ends, stand up outside backers who excel at rushing the passer). There is a reason it takes a couple of years to transition between schemes, you need specialized pieces, plus Williams does not and to my knowledge has never employed a 3-4. This is an obvious point, I know, but we are not moving to a 3-4 any time soon.
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Re: How does our defense work?

Here's my take. I know more about offense than defense but FWIW:

- Who gets everyone lined up, do the Mike and SS share the responibility (I keep on hearing praises about the abilities of Pierce and Clark to do this while they here)?

The Mike has responsibility for calling the play in the huddle and for the pre snap allignment of the front seven. The communication among the secondary is less clearly defined and if Tom Friend is to be believed - non existent.

- Are the DL playing one gap or two and are they expected to get penetration or hold their ground?

Good question. I think they are suppossed to get penetration but often end up holding their ground (on a good day).

- How often do we get our DL to drop into coverage?

We use some zone blitz. I didn't see it that often last year. I think Phil Daniels had a pickle against Jax. Williams went conservative after it became ovvious that Arch was a joke. We will see more next year.

- How often do we play man-to-man compared to zone?

Someone may have the percentages exactly but I would guess about 75% zone last season. I think Williams would like to play more man or more combinations but he was having to protect the cornerbacks. He had to play a lot more Cover 2 than he would have liked.

- Do we use zone-blitzes?

See above.

- Do we count on M. Washington as our main pass rush threat?

He has been our most effective blitzer. I think they would like to see 4 or 5 sacks from just about every player on the defense. The idea is that you can't predict where the pressure comes from. Last year opposing teams seemed to know exactly where the blitz was coming from.

I have some questions of my own:

1. In that NYT article last season, Parcells talked about the Redskins "diamond point" defense. He said that was the Redskin's best look. Does anyone know what it is?

2. How close are Williams' scemes to those employed by Buddy Ryan in Chicago and Philadelphia? I think they've added some things from Dick Lebeau and even Jack Pardee but can someone explain the Ryan influence? What exactly was a 46 defense beyond the fact that he seemed to always have eight guys right up on the line of scrimmage? I've never seen a decent explanation of it, even when the Bears were winning their SB.
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